Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bark for Life

This was a monumental weekend. An event of huge proportions. Life-changing. Well, no, not quite. Maybe more evidence of life possibly changing. Are you sitting down?

I had two entire days at home.

I know!! Shut-up!!!

And here's the thing...there is really something to be said for two day weekends. I didn't have a single event to attend. I didn't feel compelled to go into the office. Nobody needed anything from me. And,  it bears mentioning again, there was no non-profit fundraiser/ fund-raising/ committee meeting/ M.C. gig anything. At all. Two days. I can hardly believe it. Chris and I had dinner and a movie (Date appropriate) and a stroll through a bookstore Friday night, went to the Farmer's market and lunch downtown on Saturday, then I did a few house projects, cleaned out part of my closet (yeah, I'm not going to see that size again, so why have the reminder?), read a book, watched another movie at home (Up in the Air-- very good!). So far Sunday has meant french toast and trash television in bed (a la Chef Chris), perusing a stack of magazines, a little laundry and now blogging. If I'm lucky, I'll also write a little on the memoir too. Then we're off to Brein and Roryann's for a BBQ. That's about a perfect weekend right there.

I still have some volunteer stuff coming up. But they are events I'm looking forward to and I'm doing a much better job of "boundary-setting" with my time and commitments. Well, sort of.

Friday afternoon I had a committee meeting for The Pink Ribbon Place--after all we do have our 2nd Professionals Panel coming up on the 26th. The good and great Dr. Karam will make another appearance and he's bringing reinforcements--breast reconstruction specialist and plastic surgeon Dr. Jaco Festekjian. All the way in from west L.A. We can't ever thank them enough. Also we have the Pink Carpet Premiere of Sex & the City 2 coming up on May 29th. Details Here. Chris has been majorly involved in this particular fundraiser and already they've sold 92 tickets--at $50 a piece! And the donations to the swag bags are rolling in. My sole contribution at this point has been the idea for a "Super swag bag" that one lucky attendee wins. Since donating 400 items for each swag bag can't be done by all sponsors, we decided that we'd also gather items for a super swag bag (gift certificates, jewelry, a purse, a t-shirt, perfume,use of a Jaguar vehicle for a weekend, a massage/spa package etc...) and each individual swag bag would have a raffle ticket in it for the Super Swag raffle. It's working out great. I did get two clients to donate items on Friday afternoon too. Hey, they own retail shops and I was standing right there with the flyers!

I also did--as you knew I would--agree to participate in the American Cancer Society's local "Bark for Life" walk event on June 12th. And I'm proud to say, Seamus and I will be the Grand Marshalls!! Dog & Human Survivor team is just too good to pass up, I suppose. Seamus thinks it's his diabolical cuteness that got the invitation, and he's probably right. So I'm forming a team called, wait for it....The Dog Lived.(I think you can click the title to get to the page about our team; and you can donate! Doesn't that make you happy?!)  Chris has joined the team, of course (there is no The Dog Lived team without Chris) and I'm ever so hopeful I'll be able to convince Brein and Roryann Clements and their dog Harold  to join the team and just possibly, Sheena Meder and Ronaldo Fierro and their boys Max and Bobby,  even though Ronaldo claims to "hate cancer people" (he's totally kidding; he's 25 years old--I'm the only "cancer person" he's ever met). We'll need sponsors of course and hopefully I'll be able to figure out how to put a badge/link on the blog soon so if you want to sponsor use you'll be able too (and we'll be eternally will the American Cancer Society. The walk is June 12th--which is Chris and my 6 year anniversary. Awwww. Isn't that just perfect? What better way to celebrate?

More to come on that. And probably there will be a hair update soon--because it's at a really, really awkward stage. There may need to be a poll on what the heck to do next.

I hope you all had a good weekend too.

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