Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Cancer Update...Human and Canine

Just a reminder, we're not here anymore. Well, we're in "hanging out in the world" but not "here" as in on Blogger/ Blogspot. We're over here:

Still blogging, still fighting cancer, and still looking forward to the book launch (which is now 1 month away...or less, or here already, depending on when you are reading this).

Seamus & Teresa

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Seamus Getting Married?

Well, only if you vote for him. Vote HERE so Seamus has a shot at being in the Guinness Book of World Record's "largest pet wedding"! (It's a fundraiser to help homeless animals, so it's all good.) Thanks!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Canine Cancer, Breast Cancer. Cougar a book

I'm still here. I'm still blogging. But, well, I'm not here, here. I'm HERE. (new website with new blog).
Lots of exciting things going on, including Seamus having his first paw-tographing session at the American Library Association annual conference. And you thought librarians only loved cats...

Friday, May 25, 2012

A Book Excerpt

My publisher is now sharing a book excerpt from "The Dog Lived (and So Will I)"--you can find it over on our new blog site:    See you there!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

What Do Vegans Feed Their Dogs?

This and other fascinating philosophical issues (and by that I mean dogs, wine, books, and fighting that bitch cancer) still being blogged about. It's just that we're over HERE now.  Join us!

Sunday, May 6, 2012


Seamus and I went to Beaglefest. Read more about it over at the new blog location:  See you there!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Beagles, Unicorns and Butterflies

Just a little reminder that all of those things (well, if unicorn = breast cancer) are still being discussed, it's just that now we're over at:

(And just for the record...I kind of miss Blogger. Word Press is wildly difficult for me to learn!)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Breast Cancer, Canine Cancer, Books, Dogs & Wine

I'm talking about it all. But I'm now talking about it over here:
Please follow me over there and let me know what you think of the new site.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Change of Address

Well, we've done it.
The Dog Lived (and So Will I) has moved. The blog is now over on Wordpress. You can find us here:  and when you get there, you'll see we have a whole, big website to. (Cue "He's Famous and He Knows It" reprisal!) I hope you'll head over to the new site and follow us there. Or like us. Or share us. Or Tweet us....or whatever the heck is the new thing to do to us. This new site has been a long exhausting process, but I hope you'll find it's worth it. I also hope I can now get back to the regular program of you know, actual blogging. See you over at!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Book Tour Begins

Well, sort of.
I'm over here at the Wrote by Rote blog talking book.

As for this blog...well, I've been busy getting a website set up and that also means I need to switch over to a new blog (WordPress). More news on that soon. But in the meantime, check out Wrote by Rote  and tell me what you think.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Seamus Oncology Update

I took Seamus to the eye specialist for a check up on Friday. Sadly, it looks like the tumor on his eye is growing; the surgery did not get it all. The tumor is not growing rapidly and Seamus is not in any pain or even discomfort, so at this point we are on a "wait and see" basis. Eventually, the choice will be to try the laser surgery again (but it is doubtful it will help) or have the eye removed. The cancer is not life threatening, but needless to same I'm not thrilled about either of the options. Right now, he gets eye drops three to four times a day (and he's such a good patient about receiving these). And of course he's getting lots and lots of love (as always).  As long as he's not in any pain or discomfort, we don't need to make any decisions. As as always, I'm going to research eye melanomas in dogs and learn what I can. The vet assures me dogs adjust very quickly and just fine to losing one eye. My dad had a dog once that lost an eye and she certainly seemed fine. It just worries me because of course, they can't tell us what they're feeling, so how do we ever know?

In case I haven't mentioned this lately, I hate cancer.

P.S. if you missed my original post about Seamus's diagnosis, it's here: eye melanoma

Friday, March 2, 2012

He's Famous and He Knows it

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Book Trailer Number 2, for the more serious, tender-hearted side of things (note Seamus's good behavior throughout this entire video. If that's not Oscar worthy, I don't know what is!).

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Seamus Goes to the Movies

The Dog Lived (and So Will I) memoir was "debuted" at the Sourcebooks sales conference today, where they also saw:

and there was a second video...and the cake pops...and some super cool bookmarks...but we'll pace ourselves a bit.

So what do you think? Are you ready to read the book??!!
Seamus thanks you (and asks that you send him toast...he always asks that).

Monday, February 20, 2012

Much More Famous

Thanks for all your kind comments on the book cover. I absolutely love it! And Seamus of course thinks it's the best book cover ever. But just when we thought he couldn't get any more famous, this happened:

These are cake pops made to look like Seamus on the book cover. (Pup pops? Seamus suckers?) 75 of these adorable pops are being over-nighted to my editor at Sourcebooks Publishing to hand out at their sales conference on Thursday. And I didn't forget the Seamus's in their lives either. There will also be "doggy bags" handed out with homemade (um, not by me...I custom ordered them) peanut butter/ banana dog bones. They look like this:
The bone is green in "real life" the photo coloring is just off
So yeah, we're sending bribes treats in hopes that the sales people notice the book, remember the book. love the book and....go out and sell the book!  I also had two book trailer videos made that will be shown at the conference. And after that happens, you know I'll be sharing them here!

Phew! This publishing biz is hard work!
(And speaking of that...if you haven't clicked "like" yet for our Facebook page, please's right over there in the sidebar just begging to be clicked.)

Next up, I've still got to finish the acknowledgements section for the book. Who do you suggest I acknowledge and thank? (I think we all know who the book will be dedicated to...and no, I don't mean Seamus!)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Real Book

So what do you think?

That's it--the "real" cover of my now seeming really, really real book! There are so many thing I love about this cover, not the least of which is that it's actually Seamus on the cover (no stunt dogs for Seamus--he's like the Tom Cruise of beagles).

We also have a really real Facebook page for the book and we really really hope you will both like it (small "l") and Like it (big "L") that actually requires you to click on the Like button which should be over to the right in the sidebar.

Oh and all those "really, reallys"? That's how you know me's a professionalist writer person....who just happens to be really really excited right now.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Chemotherapy Treatment for Dogs | Animal Fair | Wendy Diamond | Pet lifestyle Expert | Animal Rescue Advocate

Chemotherapy Treatment for Dogs | Animal Fair | Wendy Diamond | Pet lifestyle Expert | Animal Rescue Advocate

Seems like this is all over the media these days (or is it just what I'm paying attention to? Hmmmm). Seamus is here to attest: cancer isn't always a death sentence in dogs! (And he really wants me to point out he did not lose his hair in chemotherapy. He remained his diabolically cute self.)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Saturday, January 28, 2012

It's Been So Long

I've been away.
I've been busy.
There's been drama.
And there's been the book.

Yes, that about sums up my life of late. Let's start with the good stuff.

I did make my deadline in turning in my manuscript. Then I promptly turned my attention to creating videos (yes, plural!) for my publisher's sales conference. This is all very good that they want a video...but it's a lot of work. Especially for someone who knows zip/zero/nada about film/video/visual stuff (really, I've had to call Chris on more than one occasion to have him walk me through turning on our television; you know, so it had sound and a picture, preferably matching, but I'm not that picky). Videos are now in the hands of the professionals (can video be photoshopped? Please say yes.). And there's been much progress on the book cover design--beyond exciting. I can't wait to share all of these things with you.

But then there was the bad stuff. Seamus was diagnosed with cancer again. No easy way to say that, but I hasten to add--it is not believed to be life threatening. He was diagnosed with an eye melanoma on December 7th. (Of course it was December!!!). I know I've blogged since then and I haven't mentioned it--frankly, I was too upset about it. He had surgery to remove the tumor on December 14th and has made a stellar recovery.  We are hoping to save the eye (although Chris keeps saying if ever there was a dog who could rock an eye patch, it's Seamus) through the surgery and medication. He needs two different eye drops--one is only once a day but the other is 4 times a day. And he's on steroids to deal with the inflammation post-surgery. Beagles have crazy voracious appetites when they aren't on steroids. A beagle on steroids is ....well, his appetite is completely insane. He's broken into the cupboard under the  kitchen sink and ravaged the trash so many times (and he cut his paw opening the baby locks on the cupboard!) that we now keep the trash bag in the sink! Other than that though, Seamus is doing fantastic. He's been in all the video filming with me and was even able to "pose" for the book cover photo shoot at the end of December.

The top photo was taken in October--for book purposes. This is also the day I noticed there was something wrong with Seamus's left eye. If you look closely at his left eye you can see that it's very red. And at one point when the sunlight hit his eye at a particular angle I could see that his eye was filled with blood (not bloodshot in the whites of his eye, but the normally brown portion of his eye was now red). He was first treated for allergies and then an infection and when nothing helped I said "that's it--we're going to a specialist." We visited the doggie ophthamologist on December 7th and he gave the diagnosis. He also said I was lucky. I'd caught it early. Yep.This is the third one--Seamus's, mine, then Seamus's again. It's what I do--I catch cancer early.

Seamus and I at Huntington's dog beach 1 month after I finished treatment and on the day Seamus was released from his oncology follow-ups. Survivors, people. You're looking at Survivors.
And today is my 3 year celebration. As of today, I am 3 years cancer free. I like to think that Seamus is, as always, right there with me. Cancer-free.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Three Years

Three years ago today I was told I had a duck. Okay, well actually I was told I had breast cancer. Well, no, I was told both things.

I'll explain.

 In the days leading up to the actual diagnosis, one goes through many tests (and sleepless nights). And then one waits a few days (and sleepless nights) for the test results. So I took plenty of opportunities to ask my doctor  "so you think this is cancer?" You know, pushing for an early diagnosis because I'm an over-achiever. And Dr. Good Karma kindly and patiently said each and every time,  "it walks like a duck and talks like a duck so for now we're going to treat it like a duck." (Keep in mind he has a bit of an accent.)

When he had the test results in hand he called and said "I'm sorry. It is what we thought it was." And I said,
"So it's a duck?"  He said, "Close. It's invasive ductal carcinoma." 

Get it? Duct-al? Duck? Yeah, we can laugh now. (And I actually did laugh then.) That however was three long years ago. The cancer is long, long gone (hold on for that anniversary...January 28th...which is when my right breast had the "divot extraction" ).  And I'm doing....just ducky. (Oh come on, you knew that was coming!)

Happy Anniversary to me!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Manuscript to Editor, Me to Beach

I did it!

The manuscript for The Dog Lived (and So Will I) was turned in to my editor at Sourcebooks with 11 entire minutes to spare! I sort of thought when I turned in the manuscript angels would sing, champagne corks would pop and marching bands would storm through my living room. That didn't actually happen. Huh. Imagine that.

 What did happen is that I collapsed in a pile of anxiety and exhaustion. But, I rallied. I rallied enough to go celebrate at Hotel Del Coronado with two girlfriends and a few glasses o' that champagne.  I'll tell you more later. For now, I'd just like to share with you that I stayed an extra day and made sure I got to walk the beach at sunset.

 A few other folks had the same idea.
 And some surfers too--those black dots on the waves are surfers (and check out that sun! It's melting into the ocean!)

 Surfers were still hanging in there.

Have I mentioned how much I love La Jolla?
And, dare I say it? 2012 isn't looking too bad either.