About Me (and This Blog)

 The doctor called at about 3:45pm on December 23, 2008 to tell me the mammogram was "highly suspicious of malignancy." Right. Merry freakin' Christmas. My dog Seamus had cancer three years before that and they told me he  had maybe a year to live. He's still alive, cancer free and completely healthy. Cancer barely slowed him down. So yeah, the dog lived...and so will I.

I marched on through treatment: lumpectomy on January 28, 2009; chemotherapy from February through April; 33 rounds of radiation finished on July 14, 2009. Fantastic Survivor party on July 19th.  Seamus and my boyfriend Chris were both with me every step of the way.

Sometimes what I went through was funny (sometimes you just have to laugh), sometimes it was darn near tragic, but we made it and everybody is doing fine. This blog chronicled that journey and now covers my "return to normal" and further adventures with Seamus and Chris.

And Christmas 2009? We spent that in Hawaii. Ah, yes, what a difference a year makes.

(Yeah, that's the post-chemo hair. I like to think that's the only sign left.)