Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Our Very Breast Adventure--part 1

We have arrived at the Angeleno hotel and I must say, it's adding to my delusion that I am on a nice long vacation weekend with Chris! Great hotel. And they put us on the Getty side, not the freeway side, which is (or at least will be) super helpful. The feathertop bed looks fabulous as well. See, total vacation! (surgery extra).

Michelle (my assistant) emailed me a photo of flowers that arrived at the office for me...just right after I left. Sweet clients! And yes, great assistant. Here's how I'm enjoying the flowers:

That's right--I'm enjoying them "virtually" and sharing them with you (my two faithful readers).

As we checked in the desk clerk asked if we wanted dinner reservations at the restaurant up top (Italian steak house...I could probably have a fettuccine in a rich cream sauce!). It was tempting for a "last meal." But clearly I cannot think that far ahead. I didn't pack anything remotely dinner-date like to wear. Dang. Room service it is. Just as soon as the lab rat experience is over. Oh, and the researchers called as we were driving in. Apparently I'm to look for a "young man and a young woman" Scott and...hmmm...Susan was it? They are the folks conducting the research. They are physicists. Wow. Add that to the list of professionals I've seen in January. I'll see if I can talk them into pictures too. I wonder if they'll be wearing pink?


  1. I am thinking about you my friend. Hope all went well with your first experience as a lab rat! My prayers will be with you tomorrow. Love ya Teresa!!!

  2. Thinking of you---everything has an ending, even this stuff. Honest.


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