Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Our Very Breast Adventure--The Last Supper

I survived my research MRI Spectroscopy and all they gave me was this lovely hospital gown! Well, that's not entirely true. Scott (on the left, in case you are wildly confused) also gave some good restaurant recommendations and there's a check in the mail for $75. No, really. They promised. And here's how it went-- we arrived exactly on time (Chris really knows his way around this part of LA, I've got to hand it to him) and found our way back to the corner where MRI Research is stashed. The photo is of the physicists conducting the research (and yeah, I know, I think that brings the average age of the medical professionals I've seen down to like, 16.). That's Scott Lipnick on the left and Sherrie Lin on the right. And the lab rat in the middle. They were great and I don't think I did so bad myself (although, I was starting to fidget there at the end).

I spent close to an hour in the little MRI tube. And it got littler and littler as time went on. But there was the humorous intermission when the good and wise and ever-so-steady-handed Dr. Karam made a surprise appearance and talked to me mid-Spectropscopy over the intercom system. Apparently the rest of the time he talked to Chris about France and wine. Hey!! I'm stuck in a tube here, people!! Eventually they remembered me and let me out. Then I was able to observe lovely images of the girls and the obnoxious (but not so terribly huge looking) spots on the right twin. I was also able to learn more about the research they are conducting--all good stuff that in the future should eliminate a lot of unnecessary biopsies for women. I will report in more on that later, because it is indeed fascinating stuff. But the most important fact of all was that I was research subject number....13. Of course I was!! And then Scott valiantly tried to stumble through some distorted reason for why I might not be #13, but said the word "malignant" about 142 times...which really reduces any effect being number 12 or 14 rather than 13 might possibly have had! Again though, there were good restaurant recommendations.

We just didn't take them. We went back to the hotel and had my last supper....well, last meal for 18 hours or so. We went to West at the top of our hotel overlooking Sunset Blvd. Very, very good. So, last meal.... frisee salad (mmmmmm poached egg on wilted frissee with lardon and croutons that were more like brioche), 12 oz bone-in filet with gorgonzola butter and truffle fries. And there was wine. Because it was half-off Tuesday! Wine bottles were half off! It's like they knew we were coming. Did I mention I'm enjoying my surgery long-weekend? We'll see how tomorrow goes but all looks good for now.

Oh, and I know you are all as concerned as I am about this...turns out I remembered I do in fact own a sort-of sweat suit outfit thing (it pains me to even type that!) and it's PINK!!! So don't worry--I will be in a pink Jones New York "sweats" outfit for my surgery appearance. Well, until I'm in a paper dress with comfy, thick socks (thanks for the tip Stacey!). Fingers crossed, I'll be posting again in 24 hours! Tomorrow--cancer does NOT win!!


  1. So, are you the official "lucky #13"? The first EVER? It's so confusing. Maybe this is what is meant by "bitter sweet", "back handed comment", "double edged sword"...I could go on. Looking good in the gown! And I think I told you on facebook of my certainty that the physicists would be wearing lab coats...and glasses. I think I have the the medical community "fashion awareness" down pat!

  2. Yes, the gown is very stylish, but it's all about the hat. Once you get that on...your ready for your closeup :)
    And does it really surprize you that Chris knows his way around LA? How many times do I have to remind you that (in my mind anyway) Chris knows everything. Chris Google that's him :)
    I love the detail in your writing. How you can recall it all with such clarity is beyond me. Oh wait...is Chris helping you...?
    And wouldn't this make a good movie or at least an episode on sex in the city? I should think so.
    Your probaly getting ready for your injection of radioactive seed right about now...you hang in there...we're all praying for you. We will wait till 4:00 to hear from Chris.
    PS Who ARE those CHILDREN in the lab costumes?

  3. Well Thelma, how are you liking the cancer thing so far??? It is kinda like vacation, huh? I have the emergency marg. kit at the ready-just say when and where. See you in pink on the 13th-

  4. Teresa, dad just called me to let me know your surgery went well, and I was glad to hear that. I was wondering if you are really going back to work so soon.

    I also have an online journal on LiveJournal.com, but it's boring so I won't use that to post here. Do you have a facebook account?


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