Monday, January 19, 2009

Pink Shirts and Silver Linings

More things I've learned about breast cancer: it brings out a lot of pink shirts and silver linings.

Shirts first. My step-sister from a former life, Laura, says she's sending a shirt from "Save the Ta-Tas" foundation. I'm looking forward to proudly wearing that one! Then, Sunday my step-dad Ted (from a current life; yeah, my family's complicated) gave me the shirt in the photo. It's from
He happened to see the truck/organizers in Arizona on the very day I called to tell him and my mother about my diagnosis. Great shirt, huh? It says "Pink Heals" and it's got a pink stilletto right there. Get it? Pink Heels...Pink Heals?! Shoes are clearly important to this whole breast cancer survival thing.

And then there's the silver linings. I've discovered some on my own, and some friends are determined to point out the silver linings to me. So, Breast Cancer silver lining number one: who knew I had friends that were optimists?! And then there is the fact that I don't think I've ever heard "I love you" so many times from so many people (well, sober people anyway). I've heard from lots of friends and family, including some I hadn't heard from in a long time (hey, we all get busy and wrapped up in our lives). Some people have suggested that there might be weight loss with chemo (I try not to think what they clearly think of my current weight), there is a certain focus to my life suddenly (I have time for two things: work and dealing with "this" and hey, I can't spend any money on anything else that simplifies things greatly). And then finally there is the "CANCER WINS" silver lining. No, really, it's a silver lining. Basically "I have cancer" while true, is also a fantastic way to get out of anything and everything!! Oh, and get my way on anything and everything! Cancer Vixen calls it the Cancer Card. You can just whip it out and run it through like a credit card. It's accepted everywhere! Who can say no to "I have cancer, can you do me a favor?" No one!! (okay, except Seamus--he is completely unmoved by this). I'll try not to let the power go to my head. I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to conserve it for when I really need help. Besides, Chris is on to me.

update: Thanks to "The Bachelor" Chris has found a website with "I (Heart) Boobies" shirts. What's the over/under on how quickly he has a pink shirt himself?


  1. T -- just heard, about the cancer and the blog. Perfect outlet for a writer! and, of course it should be "all about me!" as this time. I'm still reading thru all the posts -- I cannot believe what you've been thru in just a few weeks! -- but thoughts that come to mind: My God, you are a strong woman, and so irreverent & funny, and those are just a few of the reasons I admire ya! Love is a great thing during this time, so it's wonderful that you are sharing with friends and family. Thanks for the blog, because there are many of us who care and want to support you up to the 28th and beyond! And for the reminder on mammograms, just had mine done. Oh, and there's no age limit on love, hon, and you should accept that "the one" is "the one" and love means being there, and wearing a pink shirt, and getting you thru it all. What do we say at LR parties? "He's a keeper!" And what did that mean, Tylenol only? Does that mean no alcohol, too? I will think of you often, and pray for you, and follow the blog to check in on you. MUCH LOVE TO YOU, TERESA!!

  2. Thank you Becky, and God no, it didn't mean no alcohol!! Okay, maybe not the night before the surgery, but right now I can still have wine (and believe me, I have tested this theory!). Tonight I will likely check the martini tolerance.

  3. Teresa, I am way over 35 and I figured it out myself, really I did. I enjoy reading your blogs too and I am letting your Dad know each time a new one's posted. He usually just reads, says yeah okay, and that sort of stuff. He's confident and comforted by the Doctor you chose. We love you and will keep you in our thoughts and prayers. (I'm sure your Dad will make this exception)!
    Plus, hey, he REALLY likes Chris now :)

  4. Shoot, so much for me knowing what I'm doing, I ment to leave this on the blog above this one.

  5. Hey, you figured out most of the "comments" part--that seems to be pretty advanced.
    Chris is pleased to note that all is now forgiven regarding the infamous disappearing pie incident. We shall never speak of it again.

  6. I've actually got a few on order. I'll take pictures of those I have bought for out here in their shirts showing their support for "This chick back home Laura keeps telling us about". They are totally for it! I've seen the "I (Heart) boobies" shirts. Funny! And Jayson, a man in uniform carrying a weapon and kicking some butt in Iraq, would soooo wear it. Wow, you just gave me an idea for some pictures to post on Facebook....I'll be ordering some more shirts... :o)

  7. OK, talking to Jayson, the guys aren't allowed out of military attire....ever. PT gear or BDUs (cammies) SOOOOO, I have ordered some magnetic bumper stickers. Jayson will be taking pictures of all the their vehicles sporting their SAVE THE TATAS bumper stickers whilst driving around various Iraqi villages and towns. Hey, how many people can say they have the support of the US Army in their breast cancer adventure? They are happy to do it! :o)

  8. I love it! Thank you. And thank Jayson. That will be very funny!

  9. Hi, Teresa. I wish I did not need to thank you for providing me such a legitimate excuse for reading about women's breasts while at work. But thank you. And thinking of you. And drawing a good deal of inspiration from you, too.

    Wanna see my pink shirt?

    - Pete


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