Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I'm a Lab Rat!!

I feel so proud. Or, er, well, happy. No, um, I guess just willing. This goes with the "silver linings" I suppose. UCLA has asked me to participate in a research study on "MRI and Spectroscopy." Which sounds like something I would totally flunk (there's a reason I went to law school and not medical school). But the pressure is off. They asked me to participate because they already know I will flunk. They are studying the use of MRI and Spectroscopy as a way of diagnosing breast cancer without the need for a biopsy. I have had both. Trust me, you prefer the MRI (unless you are seriously, seriously claustrophobic; I'm not. I'm seriously, seriously tired and would have slept through my MRI were it not for the fact that Chris planted the idea for this blog in my head right before I went in for the MRI--thus, instead I was planning the blog and time just flew by; the guy knows me!). So because I'm now a lab rat, I'm going back to UCLA Tuesday evening (the 27th) for another MRI and Spectroscopy (I won't feel a thing, despite what it sounds like) which is purely for their study--since they already know my biopsy results they can compare what they would have found if I had only had the MRI with Spectroscopy. I kind of think it's cool I get to help. In whatever way I can. My breasts are going to be so popular! (It's like high school all over again! ...Kidding! Totally kidding! Mom, dad...I'm kidding!!!) Plus, it means we will stay overnight in Westwood which makes it so much easier to get to the Medical Center by 7:30a.m. which is what time I have to check in to the Nuclear Medicine department so they can shoot blue dye into my right breast in preparation for "THE surgery." (Now there's a good time!). So what the heck, we're going to make a little vacation of it and stay the night before and the night after the surgery in Westwood. Sounds better than driving in heavy traffic while trying to change the ice pack on my breast every 20 minutes. Currently thinking Hilgard House, as per Stacey's recommendation. Any other suggestions? Really, really close to UCLA. That's all I ask.

Here's a link to a little bit about the MRI and Spectroscopy studies for those who are interested:

MRI and Spectroscopy

(I searched for something that was close to "plain English.")

UCLA is going to pay me a whopping $75 for this! Which covers, like, the first 5 minutes of parking, so that's totally cool!

Today (Tuesday) was a busy day on this little blog. Thanks for all the support (or schadenfreude!!). But it seems we have learned the age cut-off for "blog comprehension" and it's 35. For those of you over the age of 35 who would like to leave a comment: first, thank you for caring. Or cursing. Either way. Second, if you click on the "0 comments" (or whatever the number is with "comments" following it) right below this post, you will be able to enter a comment. Then you will see a "post comment as" button with a little drop down menu. Don't be afraid...use it. If you select "Name/URL" and then just fill in the space with the name you want to use for your post (for example "John Smith" or "Inept Techie" or "Not my Boobies"; however you want to identify yourself) that is all you need to do. You don't need an "account" or anything else. Just enter your name, type your comment and click on "Post." And you're good. Or at least I think that's what Chris said....


  1. I am definitely blog challenged...glad it is not just me!

  2. Yeah, sweetie, you're over 35. Way. but I'm glad you got it figured out. Now, can you work on a comment that's about ME!! ;-)

  3. Teresa, thank you for being so open and for sharing your story. I want you both to know I am thinking about you and am sending positive healing energy your way! Your blogs make me giggle, and I truly appreciate your honesty, and humor as well as the GREAT information provided! You are an amazing person, and I haven't met Chris, but he IS your knight in shining armor! What a guy! I'll continue to stay posted on your site! I ripped through each and every blog you've written! Great use of work time, but so worth it! You are AMAZING! REALLY!!!
    I am so glad you do know how cared about you are! Especially by Seamus! :) Have a truly magical day! Hugs!!!
    Terri deVries

  4. The "W" Hotel is very near UCLA and unlike some W Hotels, the rooms are pretty spacious. I think you could get a suite if you'd like since they took over a hotel that was a suite-orientated hotel. Might be a good thing for the night after surgery to have a little more space. The name finally doesn't bother me!

  5. So uh, you're getting $75 to have your breasts examined? What a ploy! Uh yeah, the "doctors" would like you to participate in a research study. I bet they would! And here I am, paying others to examine my breasts! Wow, losing weight and men lining up to play... er, rather, examine, my breasts. Where do I sign up for this breast cancer gig?

    Of course, this was just to make you smile. Bitter IS Better. Oh, and I LOVE YOU!

    No, I haven't had any wine... why do you ask???

  6. So you think I should be concerned I report to a pub for the "research"?


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