Tuesday, January 27, 2009

24 hour countdown

In just about 24 hours I will be at UCLA Medical Center in the nuclear medicine department getting a radioactive seed shot into me. And I'm not even on Star Trek (although I will be playing the bald chick in a real life movie soon enough). Yep, surgery day is almost here and that's the first part of the great search for the "sentinel node" (hey, now I'm in a Tom Clancy novel...with breasts). But first things first, tonight I'm a lab rat participating in the research MRI with Spectroscopy.

Chris and I are headed into LA this afternoon. Thanks for all the suggestions for where to stay. Apparently there are two choices in Westwood. The "we're completely booked" hotel and "you can't even afford to ask about our rates" hotel. But I have CANCER!!! Alright, it's early to whip out the "Cancer Wins" card, so I held it. We found a room at the Angeleno Hotel which is owned by the Joie de Vivre boutique hotel chain. And that just cracks me up. It's that round building right near the 405 that used to be a Holiday Inn? Three things caused us to overlook that "right by the freeway" part: room service and feather-top mattresses, and well, they had a room available. So rather than driving in the LA traffic we'll be sitting right above it (please, crazy fates, way above it if you could; thank you) Tuesday and Wednesday night. Surgery is Wednesday.

If all goes as expected, I'll be home Thursday afternoon. If all goes really well, there will be blogging again immediately post-lab rat and post-surgery (Wednesday night? Hmmm. Can she do it??). For now though, life as a normal person goes on for a few more hours and I must head into work! My clients need me. (This is what I tell myself. Humor me).

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