Saturday, January 31, 2009

Much to Celebrate!!!



This FRIDAY THE 13TH (of course!)
5:30 to 10:30pm

Chris, Teresa & Seamus' home

Clean margins, clean lymph nodes, no more surgery, a few weeks of "rest" before chemo, and hey, I'll be 46 freakin' years old--so much to celebrate! So if you are reading this (and you, um, actually know me) you're invited to come celebrate. Email me that you are coming and if you need the address I'll send it to you. No presents!! That would just be silly (I'm, you know, 46). There may be a few of you Chris calls to help by bringing an appetizer or something, because we're just throwing this together and he's a fabulous cook, but busy being a nurse these days too. Casual, fun, stop-by when you can sort of thing. Just wear pink!

Oh, and the pOpC design was my idea but executed beautifully by Mike Easley of Vital Excess Design. So if you are offended blame me (and hey, I have CANCER!!! Back off). If you love it and can't stop staring at it, the credit goes to Mike (and um, you might want to consider therapy).


  1. Teresa,
    Welcome home! I love the party design. Will there be boobie inspired appetizers too? I wish I could be at the party but if not, I will have a martini in your honor! Or two perhaps, one for each of the girls :)

  2. Sue and I will be there! I must admit that I clicked on the wrong thing (I AM well over 35, thank you very much!) and sent you an email rejoicing about the wonderful news of cancer free nodes. If you didn't get that then I am a complete loser at all of this, but am, nonetheless, THRILLED that you are cancer free going in to the chemo part. We think about you ALL the time.

  3. I'll try to make it there to your place Teresa. But I may bring something like Perrier with peach juice or something that we can mix with wine. No martinis for me.


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