Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The MRI results

And this brings the blog up to date with the group emails...

Finally, I have some better news. The MRI was yesterday (January 13) and the cancer is only in the one spot. Woo hoo! This means "only" a lumpectomy which will likely be at the end of the month. Then apparently I get a few weeks to recover before chemo starts. So expect a "post-op pre-chemo" birthday bash in mid-February! (apparently the only party I'll be attending in 2009! So I figure I get to drink a year's worth of wine, right?). I go in on Thursday with Chris and my dad to get the whlole treatment plan and options laid out. When I told him my dad and Chris were both coming with me, The doctor said "I'll be sure to have my Wheaties in the morning." He hasn't even met my dad! Did I mention my doctor met me at check-in, walked me over to the MRI (which was at 11:30) and then called me personally by 4pm to tell me the results? This is health care in the big city! Wow.

And in other good news, Chris is going to help me set up a blog mostly to amuse myself and be all self-absorbed about what's going on, but also so I don't have to bombard you with whiney emails you may not want. You can just check the blog for updates when you want to (or not, and I'll never know!), plus you can likely vote on which wig looks best (I'm thinking this is my chance to experience life as a non-blonde; will I be smarter??), what wine pairs with chemo (Facebook friends seem to be voting white), and who we should be setting up with my totally adorable and apparently single doctor (the man knows his way around breasts! and er, in them too).

Okay, so likely the only other "update" email you will get will be with the blog address. And maybe a party invite! Thanks for all your humorous responses. And yes, Chris and I are totally going to Maui next December (for that holiday formerly known as Christmas and henceforth to be called Jimmy Buffett's birthday).

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