Friday, January 30, 2009

Clean Margins and Dirty Martinis

Two posts in one day! It's like I'm sitting around recovering from surgery with nothing to do...
But I do have some really excellent news to share. The Carneys stopped by and Francis made me his world famous dry martini! So yep, I've had my first post-surgery drink!! Woo-hoo!!! Oh, and the doctor called and said the "margins were clean"--which means they got the whole tumor and I'm through with surgery. Cheers again!! Drinks for all my friends!

And here's how the rest of my day went:
Yeah, Seamus is exhausted because he hates delivery people and they kept showing up with flowers. He spent the day chasing them off. He's wiped out from this.

Flowers are from mom & Ted (top left), The board of Alternatives to Domestic Violence (top right) and the board, staff and volunteers of the Riverside Humane Society. I thought they were just happy I took a leave of absence from their boards for a few months, but they genuinely seemed to be wishing me a speedy recovery!

I also was able to shower and semi style my hair today. No one is happier about this than I am...well, except Chris. I'm pretty sure he's happy about that.

So Friday was a pretty good day, all in all. And a special thanks to another support team:

My assistant Michelle, on the left, and paralegal Laureen (on the right, but you probably figured that out), kept my office going all week. At least I think they did. But they were wearing the pink ribbon pins and "Together We Can" solidarity bracelets all week, so what could possibly have gone wrong?? It's all fine, I'm sure it's fine. It's fine. I was only gone 3 1/2 days. I'm sure I still have a law practice. Of course I do. It's fine. I'm good.
Martini anyone?


  1. What great news all the way around - welcome home!

  2. Pretty flowers, Seamus' picture on the couch is cute. Tell him "your a good dog but no lickin'".


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