Thursday, January 12, 2012

Three Years

Three years ago today I was told I had a duck. Okay, well actually I was told I had breast cancer. Well, no, I was told both things.

I'll explain.

 In the days leading up to the actual diagnosis, one goes through many tests (and sleepless nights). And then one waits a few days (and sleepless nights) for the test results. So I took plenty of opportunities to ask my doctor  "so you think this is cancer?" You know, pushing for an early diagnosis because I'm an over-achiever. And Dr. Good Karma kindly and patiently said each and every time,  "it walks like a duck and talks like a duck so for now we're going to treat it like a duck." (Keep in mind he has a bit of an accent.)

When he had the test results in hand he called and said "I'm sorry. It is what we thought it was." And I said,
"So it's a duck?"  He said, "Close. It's invasive ductal carcinoma." 

Get it? Duct-al? Duck? Yeah, we can laugh now. (And I actually did laugh then.) That however was three long years ago. The cancer is long, long gone (hold on for that anniversary...January 28th...which is when my right breast had the "divot extraction" ).  And I'm doing....just ducky. (Oh come on, you knew that was coming!)

Happy Anniversary to me!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS - I caught on to that word, divot - I get that in my eye sometimes - not cancer but a divot left by infection. It/s weird how they can use the same word in different diseases.

    Shasta wants to know if those 2 ducks there are the kind you can play with?
    Mom Beaglebratz

    1. Thanks! And Seamus thinks those are definitely ducks to be played with because they squeak and he looooooooves the squeaks. But they're not actually dog toys and I don't think the plastic would be good for beagles, so I've kept the ducks away from the beagle. He's not happy about this, but Mom knows best.

    2. Shasta here-
      I wood b most happy fer Seamus(the famous) wuz my date fer the Blogville Valentine'z Day Pawty. An'no - Seamus(the famous) duz not haf tu dress up - we Beaglez already du haf sum of the most stylish attire even without more clothez. By the way, if you go to Jess and Glacier's blog at

      THEN look at the sidebar, you can find out all about the Valentine'z Day Pawty and updatez.

      From the mom - Shasta would probably not want me to tell you but she does have a squeeker fetish as well as a plastic fetish so the duckies would probably not be a good thing for her either.

  2. Happy Anniversary and congrats on turning in the memoir. Cheers - tami

    1. Cheers to you too, Tami. Thanks you!

  3. YAY for you!! I can't believe it's been three years, it didn't seem like it would EVER be a vague memory, but it is. :)

  4. Cheers to those three years! And cheers to you :-)

  5. Cheers to three years. Your attitude is very inspiring. I recently lost my father, he had cancer but actually died of something else. It goes to show you never know

  6. So many congratulations streaming over the airwaves, cybernet and skies to you! Happy 1,2,THREE!!!!


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