Monday, January 9, 2012

Manuscript to Editor, Me to Beach

I did it!

The manuscript for The Dog Lived (and So Will I) was turned in to my editor at Sourcebooks with 11 entire minutes to spare! I sort of thought when I turned in the manuscript angels would sing, champagne corks would pop and marching bands would storm through my living room. That didn't actually happen. Huh. Imagine that.

 What did happen is that I collapsed in a pile of anxiety and exhaustion. But, I rallied. I rallied enough to go celebrate at Hotel Del Coronado with two girlfriends and a few glasses o' that champagne.  I'll tell you more later. For now, I'd just like to share with you that I stayed an extra day and made sure I got to walk the beach at sunset.

 A few other folks had the same idea.
 And some surfers too--those black dots on the waves are surfers (and check out that sun! It's melting into the ocean!)

 Surfers were still hanging in there.

Have I mentioned how much I love La Jolla?
And, dare I say it? 2012 isn't looking too bad either.


  1. Wow!! Those sunset pics are amazing!

  2. Beautiful! I am looking outside at snow and brrrrr. Congratulations on turning in your manuscript!


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