Saturday, January 28, 2012

It's Been So Long

I've been away.
I've been busy.
There's been drama.
And there's been the book.

Yes, that about sums up my life of late. Let's start with the good stuff.

I did make my deadline in turning in my manuscript. Then I promptly turned my attention to creating videos (yes, plural!) for my publisher's sales conference. This is all very good that they want a video...but it's a lot of work. Especially for someone who knows zip/zero/nada about film/video/visual stuff (really, I've had to call Chris on more than one occasion to have him walk me through turning on our television; you know, so it had sound and a picture, preferably matching, but I'm not that picky). Videos are now in the hands of the professionals (can video be photoshopped? Please say yes.). And there's been much progress on the book cover design--beyond exciting. I can't wait to share all of these things with you.

But then there was the bad stuff. Seamus was diagnosed with cancer again. No easy way to say that, but I hasten to add--it is not believed to be life threatening. He was diagnosed with an eye melanoma on December 7th. (Of course it was December!!!). I know I've blogged since then and I haven't mentioned it--frankly, I was too upset about it. He had surgery to remove the tumor on December 14th and has made a stellar recovery.  We are hoping to save the eye (although Chris keeps saying if ever there was a dog who could rock an eye patch, it's Seamus) through the surgery and medication. He needs two different eye drops--one is only once a day but the other is 4 times a day. And he's on steroids to deal with the inflammation post-surgery. Beagles have crazy voracious appetites when they aren't on steroids. A beagle on steroids is ....well, his appetite is completely insane. He's broken into the cupboard under the  kitchen sink and ravaged the trash so many times (and he cut his paw opening the baby locks on the cupboard!) that we now keep the trash bag in the sink! Other than that though, Seamus is doing fantastic. He's been in all the video filming with me and was even able to "pose" for the book cover photo shoot at the end of December.

The top photo was taken in October--for book purposes. This is also the day I noticed there was something wrong with Seamus's left eye. If you look closely at his left eye you can see that it's very red. And at one point when the sunlight hit his eye at a particular angle I could see that his eye was filled with blood (not bloodshot in the whites of his eye, but the normally brown portion of his eye was now red). He was first treated for allergies and then an infection and when nothing helped I said "that's it--we're going to a specialist." We visited the doggie ophthamologist on December 7th and he gave the diagnosis. He also said I was lucky. I'd caught it early. Yep.This is the third one--Seamus's, mine, then Seamus's again. It's what I do--I catch cancer early.

Seamus and I at Huntington's dog beach 1 month after I finished treatment and on the day Seamus was released from his oncology follow-ups. Survivors, people. You're looking at Survivors.
And today is my 3 year celebration. As of today, I am 3 years cancer free. I like to think that Seamus is, as always, right there with me. Cancer-free.


  1. Congratulations Teresa...3, that is the best news. Poor Seamus...let's hope this is the end of this nonsense. What a busy month you guys put in. Good ol' Dec..your fave month...NOT! Looking frwd to your creations...take care...Ron and Sophie!

  2. This iz Shasta frum Team Beaglebratz - mom iz kinda lettin'me b the spokesdog fer the Team. We r so furry much sorry tu hear the newz 'bout Seamus(the Famous) butt so furry much happee tu hear that the evil c diseaze he had on his eye iz gone now an'he iz doin'better. My mom knows all 'bout using eye dropz - not in us butt in her.

    We r furry much happee tu hear all of your x-citin'newz. WOWZERZ! Mom sed u iz gonna b a published writer (I'm not shure what that meanz butt mom sez it iz a really good thing). An'now u iz all better tu after your both with the evil c disease. Team Beaglebratz r sendin'healing vibez to both of u fer continued good health.

    Speshal note tu Seamus(the Famous) Shasta here agin - so furry much glad u iz takin'me tu the Blogville Valentine'z Day Pawty. Shure du hope an'pray that u continue feelin'good.
    Diva Queen Shasta

  3. That photo looks great! I am sorry to hear about Seamus, sounds like he is keeping you on your toes with this food obsession!

  4. I've had several life & death emergencies with my babies last year, and I hope Seamus recovers with a clean bill of health. Since my husband died last year, my dogs are my only family. I would be lost without them.


  5. Well, you have been very busy! I'm so sorry to hear about Seamus' second cancer diagnosis. I know he could not be in better hands than yours though for getting all the love and care he needs. Congrats on the three years. I'm glad your book is coming along so well too. Great photos!! You're both adorable!

  6. Thanks all for your responses and good wishes (for some odd reason I can't seem to reply directly under each comment as I would have liked, so I have to do this:
    @Ron and Sophie--Yeah, December. Bleh. I look forward to sharing our creations.
    @Team Beaglebratz--thank you! Seamus looks forward to his date with a diva. Good health vibes back atcha!
    @Mandi--that is Seamus's thing--keeping me on my toes! I hope you are well.
    @Brenda--Dogs are definitely family and sometimes I think, they're the best kind.
    @Nancy--I had no idea publishing was so time consuming even after one finishes the book! Be warned. ;-) And thanks for your comments.

  7. I'm so excited for you about the book, Teresa! And what a fabulous cover photo of the two of you.

    I'm sorry about Seamus' eye but thrilled that he's doing well! I can't even imagine a worse appetite than a beagle's regular one. Godspeed.

  8. It's so wonderful to meet you guys!!

    You two really are survivors, you're story is amazing, I can't wait to see your book. Sorry to hear Seamus has been having a tough time again - I'm sending you both big puppy hugs…. :)

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  9. Been awhile since I've been back to the blog. Enjoyed it as always. Thanks for letting me participate in your Cancerversary. Happy 3 Year anniversary to Teresa and NED. May you be together forever! ;-)

  10. Been awhile since I've been back to the blog. Enjoyed it as always. Thanks for letting me participate in your Cancerversary. Happy 3 Year Anniversary to Teresa and NED. May you be together forever! ;-)

  11. Theresa:

    Congratulations on finishing your book. If you ever have an opportunity to do a book signing or promotion in the greater New York City area, let me know. I would like to be there to show support. Also, happy birthday and happy 3-three year anniversary! I'm coming up on 4 years cancer-free in March.

  12. I do love indeed this gorgeous pic of you and your little heroe...!!!

    So fantastic your book is finished, Teresa!!!!!!!!!

    All the very, very best wishes for your little furry friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ciao ciao elvira


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