Saturday, November 5, 2011

Pink on Parade...With Dogs

Last weekend Chris, Seamus and I participated in Pink on Parade--our city's first breast cancer awareness walk benefiting The Pink Ribbon Place (yes, yes, it you're a pink ribbon hater you can stop reading). Our team was called "Legal Beagle and Friends." We were a small team (us, my secretary Michelle and her husky-wolf hybrid Rocco), but we raised $850 and Chris was the M.C. I was also on the committee, so we did our part. Much to our surprise over 800 people showed up!

Over $37,000 was raised--all of which will help support under- and uninsured people needing mammograms and other services as they battle breast cancer. It was a great day.

And tomorrow, Seamus and I will be walking in the "Puppy UP" walk in Costa Mesa--a walk to raise funds for the 2 Million Dogs Foundation fighting canine cancer.

P.S. When we're not walking, I'm writing. Book is coming along (man is it a lot of work!!), thanks for asking!


  1. Yay for both of you!

  2. What a great event, 850 dollars is very impressive

  3. What a terrific day fur you and Seamus, and splendid job raising all that money fur such a great cause (btw, why would anyone be a pink ribbon hater *shaking head*). Glad we found you via the Blog Hop!
    ps: Mom's dog before me (Mathilda) was a beagle/basset mix that fought cancer. Thanks to Dr. Tucker and the Animal Medical Center in NYC, she was able to live a long, comfortable life.

  4. Thanks fur stopping by! The weiners were tempting, but I fur one, don't like my nose to go under water!
    (Theresa speaking: Believe it or not, all the hot dogs were eaten by the end of the party! The first dog pictured, Napoleon, has a terrific under bite. We think this gave him a big edge in the contest. Prudence will walk into water, but retrieving things from water is a different matter!)

  5. Well done Teresa (and Chris & Seamus). You must be super fit!!

  6. WOW $37,000. for the Pink Ribbon Place. I am impressed. You did a great job. When do you find time to work???
    Love, Mom

  7. So impressive and Rocco< I know enjoyed the whole walk. Give him a hug for us will ya! So French Roast is your preference....ding ding is Dads!!Enjoy the next walk...think of us!

  8. Thank you, Teresa, for posting that oh-so-flattering candid picture! Haha


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