Thursday, July 30, 2009

Vacation Time!!

all I ever wanted...Vacation...all I ever needed...Vacation...have to get away...Vacation....
all I ever wanted...Vacation...all I ever needed...Vacation....(something or other). Go-Gos anyone?
That's right! I am in the countdown to vacation. Chris and I leave Saturday morning to fly to Kansas City (yes, I know the photo is Chicago...hang on...). My brother picks us up for the drive to none other than Springfield, MO (I may or may not be related to the Simpsons). We'll spend a few days there visiting with the likes of these folks to the right (brother Jay, sis-in-law Jen, niece McKinzee and nephew Lucas).

We'll see just who's hair is longer--Jay's, Lucas's or mine! We'll also see my mom and step-dad, and even spend a day in Branson with everyone. Sadly, Yakov Smirnoff takes August off, so Chris's dream of catching a Yakov Smirnoff performance has been crushed.

After Missouri, Chris and I are driving up to Chicago, where I will be at a conference for a few days and Chris will be doing two Forgotten Grapes wine tastings. (If you are in the Chicago area...and some of you are...stop by the tasting event. Details available by clicking here: Forgotten Grapes Chicago!) Then we've even got a few days to play in Chicago. Art Institute, Frank Lloyd Wright house, there may be a wine bar or two...and hey, I hear there is good food there!

Why is this news? It isn't really. But note it had absolutely nothing to do with cancer. Nothing! Why? Because I don't have cancer anymore!! I'm just going on a normal vacation with a mix of family visit, work and sightseeing, like a totally normal person. I could get the hang of this.

Speaking of normal, I even watched the real live actual news today for the first time in a long time--probably since January. I've avoided television, books and movies that would be depressing or in any way sad (and believe me that's eliminating a lot) during this little precarious odyssey of mine. But I sort of missed knowing what's going on in the world. So who's this beer drinking Barack guy? Seems kinda cool. I'm thinking he could be big. Anything I should know?

This was a long-winded way (who me??) of saying, I may not be blogging for the next week. I've got to finish up much at work, pack, and...well, vacation...for a little while now. I think I may just take a cue from television and post a few re-runs. We can all remember what it was like back in the days UCLA was my home, wig-teens were my guide, and palm trees scared the bejeezus out of me.

I will however continue to collect the bizarre things people say to a nearly bald woman and dutifully report back. In bidding you adieu for now, I will leave you with today's gem from the "tact of a drunken bear" collection":

Me: "Yes, the doctors said all clear. No signs of the cancer."
DB: "That's great. But you and I both know the doctors miss a lot of stuff. Let's just hope they're right this time."

See why I need a vacation??
Cheers! A Bientot!

PS. Yes, I know it will be hot and humid. It's not like it's going to ruin my 'do.


  1. Have a fabulous, fabulous time. If you don't get enough holiday this time around book yourself a flight to London for the Bah! to cancer party!!

  2. I guess we will add the drunken bears to the "Ye of little faith" column. I however believe ;-)


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