Wednesday, September 16, 2009

25,000 Clicks and 2 hands

I see by my counter on the blog that I am just about to reach 25,000 hits to this blog. That probably means a whole lot of nothing, but that just makes me giggle anyway.

In other fun news, last night Chris and I went to Massage Envy to participate in "Massage for a Cure." $35 for a one-hour massage with a part of the proceeds going to the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure (nationwide Massage for a Cure raised over $35,000 yesterday!). We're such givers, we were willing to be massaged for a cure. I wore my Survivor t-shirt and commenced to fill out all the paperwork. They customize the massage so they have you list things like "Illnesses, surgeries, health concerns"--yeah, umm....I'm gonna be here awhile. Then there's the boxes you check for particular health issues or concerns. Chris leaned over to make sure I checked the box for "insomnia"--these days I'm more likely to forget to check the box for "cancer". And yes, there was such a box and that was the first time I've had to check that. Reminded me of the first time I had to check the "divorced" box...really? Me? Huh. (I'm just going to start looking for the "loser" box!!).

The massage was wonderful, and I think it even helped my foot problem (no hair massage, so I'm still on my own for that). Then post-massage they go over the membership "opportunities." Works like a health club--monthly fee charged to your card and with that you get a one hour massage each month; if you want another massage it's $39. Which is a pretty good price. So you know I signed up. Hey, I need to pay attention to my health right? Call it an epiphany! ;-) At any rate, because I was a "Survivor" and apparently the only breast cancer survivor who showed up at this particular location, the manager threw in one free massage for me! The cancer card keeps on paying!!  I'm feeling better already.

(photo is from Massage Envy website...Google is reminding me to comply with copyright laws. On the other hand, I'm sure Massage Envy doesn't mind my free advertising for them.)

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