Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Chase Away K9 Cancer

Today was Seamus's check-up day. He's now a 3 year survivor of canine cancer (mast cell tumor on his tushy--that's medical speak). Chris and I both took Seamus into Tustin to visit the fine folks at the Veterinary Cancer Group, and most particularly his wonderful oncologist Dr. Dutelle. To Seamus this is the "place with the dog cookies" because every desk, exam room, waiting area and level surface has a jar of dog treats, and not a single person is able to resist Seamus's most diabolically cute demands for said cookies. After all Seamus went through in this place (surgery, months of chemo, a weekend in doggie ICU, and many, many, many follow up check-ups that always involve poking him where he sits--and generally he tries to sit to avoid the poke), it's a tribute to the staff that he still loves going there. He will happily charge into the facility without pause. No paws planted, joints locking screeching halt when he realizes where we are. That makes things a lot easier for us as well. So that's Chris of course (doesn't his hair look great?) holding Seamus. Seamus is studying the new artwork in the facility--it's a print by Stephen Huenck (love his stuff!) that says "Chase Away K9 Cancer." Yeah, we did that.

Seamus is doing great. No signs of cancer or anything else for that matter. So we all celebrated...at Huntington's Dog beach. Let's call this next photo "Two Survivors" and then of course, there's the guy who Chased Cancer Away for Seamus and me both (and Stephanie, here's my blue sky to match yours) :
You gotta love a day like this.


  1. This is indeed great news. Take care of each other.

    I was looking at the lovely pic of yourself, hubby and Seamus, and the caption below, "Can Seamus sniff out cancer"?

    From my own personal experience, I watched my dog when my first born was diagnosed with Leukemia. My dog was so unusually attentive, cos he doesn't care much for my boy, always pushing him away.

    So I believe yes they know when you are not well.

    God bless all 3.

  2. You all look fabulous - well and happy. Long may it continue, and here's to the Blue Sky Club!!

  3. Another day in paradise. You all look great, happy and totally through with it.
    Love Mom

  4. Seamus is a blessed dog indeed. We lost our Golden Retriever at 5 yrs of age to cancer- so sad, totally unexpected and so painful.
    God bless all.
    Cherish every day, everyone and every pet.


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