Monday, February 8, 2010

Change is Hard

I really was going to change the blog to make it less "breast-cancery." I was. Plus, have I mentioned I'm not really a pink person? But I've been busy. This past 72 hours I didn't leave the house (unless you count the back patio for a soak in the jacuzzi with Chris). I've been working. Real work (as in "for a living") and house projects. And a lot of that was on the computer, so I didn't really feel like adding "work on blog change" to that list. I'm still pink. Or, er, the blog is.  For now.

Since we're all still about pink, I think it's worth mentioning again that I will be the honorary chair of the Inland Agency's Shop to Stop Breast Cancer. (Here's where I mention that other far more impressive women walk for days or run for the I shop.) The event is March 15th at the Marriott in Riverside. At this point we're looking for sponsors and for "stuff." By stuff we mean new donated items--this is a great time to "re-gift." Got a gorgeous sweater for Christmas and it's 2 sizes too small? Not for Shop to Stop it isn't! Did you get a gift card to Claim Jumper and your diet doesn't allow for piles of food bigger than your head? Give it to us! (Um, the gift card, not your head. English sentence structure can be so difficult in the morning). And of course, we welcome shoppers. All the info you need is in the below "press release."

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

January 29, 2010
Inland Agency
1737 Atlanta Ave.
Suite H-5
Riverside, CA  92507
(951) 241-8723

"Golden" Opportunity
Now you can donate unusable gold and silver jewelry (single earrings, broken bracelets, etc.) to Shop to Stop Breast Cancer and get the full value of the metal as a tax deduction. To make it simple, we have scheduled two collections:

Tuesday, February 23 Wednesday, March 3
5 pm until 7:30 p.m.
Inland Agency
Conference Room

The items will be weighed and a letter with the value of the metal will be instantly entered into a tax donation letter from Inland Agency. For more information call Jodee Palmer at (951) 241-8723 X224.

Event Sponsors

A to Z Printing
Altura Credit Union
American Diversity
Sara Aschmann &
Peter Bliss
Judith Auth
Alex Benn
Hattie Byland
Jennifer Camara
Crown Printing
Elizabeth Daschner
Rina Gonzales
Kappa Kappa Gamma
Ann Kasper
Sue Mitchell
Rosa Olaiz
Riverside Plaza
Kirsten & Matt Shea
Teresa Rhyne
Tesoro Media
The Zucker Law Firm

Quick Links
Teresa Rhyne to Chair
"Shop to Stop Breast Cancer"
March 15, 2010

Teresa RhyneWe are thrilled to welcome Teresa Rhyne, principal of The Teresa Rhyne Law Group, as this year's Honorary Chair of Shop to Stop Breast Cancer.
Teresa was instrumental in establishing the Breast Resource Advocates (BRA) Committee, an "A-List" group who work tirelessly to develop resources and ideas to support The Pink Ribbon Place, Riverside's first--and only--breast cancer resource center.
Teresa has been deeply involved with community organizations for years, serving as a Board or Executive Committee member for The Raincross Club, Alternatives to Domestic Violence, Riverside Public Library Foundation, Riverside Humane Society Pet Adoption Center, United Way of the Inland Valleys, YWCA's Professional Women's Council, the Greater Riverside Chambers of Commerce, and many others.

Teresa says of Shop to Stop Breast Cancer: "It's better than a sale; it's a sale with a heart!  All proceeds benefit the Inland Agency. The Inland Agency makes a difference and saves lives through its breast health programs. As a one-year breast cancer survivor myself, I can't over-emphasize how important the work they do really is."

Riverside Marriott Presents
Inland Agency's
Shop to Stop Breast Cancer
March 15, 2010

Shop to Stop Breast Cancer is Inland Agency's signature fundraising event to support The Pink Ribbon Place, Every dollar raised over the cost of the event goes directly to pay for mammograms for uninsured and underinsured women, saving lives through early detection. Click here for more information on this year's Shop to Stop Breast Cancer event, click here to send us an email, or call Jodee Palmer at (951) 241-8723 X224.

This Week's Featured Items

pianoRocking horse (Shop to Stop 2010)
Donations of wonderful items for Shop to Stop Breast Cancer have been coming in every week. We have far too much inventory to show it all, so we have decided to shine a spotlight on a few of the most exciting items each week. Shown above are a full-sized electric organ/piano, donated by Sara Aschmann and Peter Bliss, and a 100-year-old rocking horse on a wrought-iron frame. The tail is made of real horse hair and the saddle is genuine leather. This beautiful antique was donated by Ann Foster. To donate your own items and help us reach our goal of raising $100,000, contact Jodee Palmer at or call her at
(951) 241-8723 X224.

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  1. Thank you Teresa,
    For sharing your blog with the world. It is inspirational and needs to continue. We all appreciate you need to move on and want to see you develop your blog for what you are doing now being a survivor,living life, moving on but still shaing a different life.That will give you even more strength and can inspire even more people. Thank you


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