Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Month of Pink

Happy October. And you know what that means. We are of course launched into Breast Cancer Awareness month. The Pink Ribbon Place kicked it off on Thursday night (September 30th--we were getting a jump on things) with a candlelight vigil. I did a brief M.C. stint for the event but mostly I enjoyed meeting and talking with the other survivors--including a young woman who was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 26. She was pregnant with her fourth child and her husband had been injured and was unemployed when she was diagnosed. She is in remission now, but tragically the baby, who was born healthy, died just a few weeks ago. I can't imagine the strength she has. She was there to speak to the crowd about her journey and how the Pink Ribbon Place helped her through (she had no insurance and couldn't get any health care providers to pay attention to her at first because she was "too young" for breast cancer.) Her three daughters played with Seamus, so he did his part too. An inspiring evening. And for the month of  October the lights on top of City Hall in Riverside will shine pink, to remind us all.

It's also been an exciting few weeks around our house. First, the Women of Achievement Luncheon (see post below), then some exciting news on the memoir agent search (not sharing yet...too soon!) and then an article came out in Inland Empire magazine featuring Seamus & me both as part of the "12 Local Survivors Tell Their Stories." (my picture even made the "table of contents"!!; that's it over to the right only it's not that blurry in the magazine).
I'm not too sure those links are all that useful (you may have to search through the online version of the magazine to find us (I'm on the page next to Ellen DeGeneres! Right after the article on Reese Witherspoon!  I'm like a Z-list celebrity! ;-) ). If I could post the article here, I would of course.

It's the month to wear pink, think pink, drink pink, your local breast cancer resource center!  Such as...The Pink Ribbon Place.  I'm just sayin'....


  1. Teresa, You've been very busy and what an impressive magazine article! Good placement, too, right after all those celebrities! This will be great for helping to build your platform for your book too. I will be interested in how the agent thing is coming along. Good luck.

  2. Teresa,
    I noticed your blog and wanted to let you know of alternative options to mainstream treatment. Did any of your doctors ever discuss food as treatment? I offer my patients an alternative to drugs, surgery, and radiation. Patients are given the life-long knowledge of prevention/disease reversal via food and lifestyle changes. This is not meant as spam but as an attempt to help you and your family. (the site is new and still a work in progress) dr.gbh

  3. Coolness that they featured you and Seamus. And by the way...LOVING your hair!


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