Friday, December 10, 2010

It's Not Just Kids He Terrifies

So, we took Seamus to see Santa. (I know what you're thinking. Here's my excuse: It's a fundraiser for the Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center.) Seamus is nothing if not expressive. Here is how it went:

("Are you fookin' kiddin' me? Who is dis guy?")

("I will not put up with this. Dis is bullsh*t. Seriously.")

("Mom, you are completely fookin' humiliating me. A scarf? Where da hell is dad??")

("Are you seeing this?? Dude is tryin' ta kill me!! He's choking me!! I want my lawyer!!!")

("Fine. One pose. But just one.")

("And then I'm fookin' out of here. Seriously. Take me home. To steak. Steak and toast. Now.")

Here's wishing a Merry Christmas and a Happy Home for the Holidays for all the gorgeous animals at the Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center!! We did this for you.  (And Seamus is almost over it.)


  1. HAHA. hahahahahaha. This is so great. The accent you gave your dog just did me in. Oh my goodness. Thank you for making me laugh this morning!

  2. These are hilarious. What an expressive dog you have! (I share his views on Santa.)

  3. This is SO adorable, Teresa. Poor Seamus looks horrified in that first one. He's so tiny comparable to my ginormous Bernie.

  4. I know all about this. He called grandma and told me all about it.

  5. Teresa and Seamus, Gotta include him today! Thanks for a good laugh, I think we all needed one. Seamus' expressions almost make me believe he really is having those exact thoughts. And maybe he is!! I believe dogs think a bit more than given credit for, don't you?? Great cause to support too.

  6. I also took Whitney to see Santa since it is her first Christmas and all. She is now about 30 pounds so having her sit on Santa's lap was interesting! I also justified this event because it was a fund-raiser.


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