Thursday, December 23, 2010

Something to Celebrate

Two years ago today my (now former) primary care physician called to tell me my mammogram was "highly suspicious of malignancy." Of course, he didn't call me in the morning. He called me at 3:45 pm and he told me I needed to get to a surgeon right away and I should call the next day. You know, on Christmas Eve. And so began my breast cancer journey. Five years ago today Seamus was having his second chemotherapy appointment. Of course, he kicked cancer's butt (which, as you will recall was literally trying to kick his butt--because, um, that's where his tumor was located).

This photo was taken on December 26, 2008 (I'm just beginning my cancer odyssey and Seamus is a 3 year survivor):
And here's this years photo...

I think we've recovered nicely, don't you? I'm a month away from "2 Year Survivor" status and Seamus is a 5 Year Survivor (and hey, that's 35 people years).

Merry Christmas! (And Cheers!)


  1. Teresa, I'm sorry you have to remember Christmas this way every year, but hey, you most certainly have recovered quite nicely!! Congratulations to all three of you! It's been fun reading your blog and I hope to continue next year. Happy holidays to you and yours. (I'm also eagerly awaiting news about the next step in getting your book deal!)

  2. Hey, where is Seamus's wine?!? You guys look great - all of you! - but I think Seamus doesn't like having his photo taken. He has that OMG, it's the paparazzi look.

  3. yes,s that sucks that this is your memory of Christmas. Think how many more you get to have. My last 2 Christmas' have been in the midst of chemo, or thinking about chemo. I will be so happy for 2011 Christmas to be different. Stop by an d check out my new blog, thanks!


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