Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Toasty Winner

Seamus has worked his magic. And we have a winner!!

Before we get to that....allow me to explain...or, er....blame. The reason Seamus is picking the winner of the contest for an autographed, hardback, hot off the presses copy of Sara J. Henry's "Learning to Swim" is...well, it's Quinn Cummings fault. She ran the same contest and had her cat choose the winner. And truth be told, although this kills me, the cat performed spectacularly. And really, you can't train a cat, so it's rather impressive. Well, I have news for you. You can't train a beagle either. And I can't stand to have dogs out-done by cats. So here, for the dogs, is Seamus picking a winner of our contest....(blame Quinn....)..

 Congratulations Leah! Please email me with your address, because I can't seem to find an email address for you. Also, Seamus would like to let you know where to send him his additional bribery money toast.

All in all, I think Seamus was more dignified than Squeekers the cat. He seemed to really consider his options and take some time properly selecting a winner. He didn't just leap at the first entry he could get his claws on. Here, you be the judge. Watch how the cat barely considers the options available....

Oh sure, you could call that decisive. You could say the cat knows what it wants. You could. But us? No. Seamus and I call that impulsive, frivolous, maybe even irresponsible.  Oh no, we're throwin' down.  Cats vs. Dogs? I'm just sayin' I think the dog wins. Sure, sure, Quinn had more comments and her nails were better done than mine, oh and whatever, la-ti-dah she took the time to print out your names all fancy on that Excel spreadsheet, but you know....I got home from work at 8:30, and Chris informed me our neighbor had called complaining about Seamus's barking today so he (Seamus that is) and I had a long talk about the meaning of bad behavior and Seamus was all subdued and whatnot, and I was all soaking in some unpronounceable red wine (Alicante Brouchet), and Chris was all "he's your dog," so basically,  I'm just happy I remembered to do this. And that Seamus can open an envelope. Now when the mail gets delivered tomorrow....something tells me I'll be less happy about this.

But for now...Leah wins!! And the rest of you should just go buy the book. My copy arrived in the mail today. So, I'm going to go read myself to sleep now (or stay up all night reading it cover to cover!!). 'Night all. Happy Reading!


  1. Teresa, This is too funny! I agree Seamus is way more dignified. Thanks to you and Seamus for sticking up for dogs everywhere!

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