Sunday, May 22, 2011

Seamus is More Famous

I've been meaning to post pictures and tell tales of our Fiji adventure--because believe me there is so much to tell. It's a magical, wonderful, gorgeous place. But I also have 700+ photos, and my step-mom Nancy just sent me her 700+ photos, so there's a lot of culling to do. Plus, we returned home to one funeral and no sooner had we come home from that then we learned that Chris's aunt had passed away from metastasized breast cancer. We arrived at her home about an hour before the mortuary did. Her funeral was Friday.  Needless to say, things have been sad and busy and well...keeping me from the blog. Fiji stories and photos will be soon.

In the meantime, Seamus is feeling a little jealous of Bob over at Daisy and Bob's blog  because Bob, the pit bull, is having quite a week. So Seamus would like me to let you all know about the award he received this week. He got a plaque with his portrait and signatures from the staff over at Ruff House Pet Resort at the celebration of their 5 year anniversary. See, Seamus was their very first customer and after 5 years, is still their best customer. (He got a plaque; we got a free weekend of boarding for him in one of their new island-themed suites along with a bath....wait...I guess that's sort of for him too! But we get to get away...don't let him know that.) The photo is of Seamus (who hates being picked up; hates it!) and me getting the award from owner Marti. Thanks Ruff House.

Chris's Aunt Susan was an avid animal lover herself. She passed away after a six-month battle with breast cancer (metastasized to her brain and elsewhere by the time it was caught). She loved Seamus (who doesn't?) and all animals and she will be greatly missed. RIP Susan.

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  1. Teresa,
    I'm sorry to hear about the loss of Chris's aunt. Another example of how we need to address metastatic bc research more aggressively. Congrats to Seamus for his award! And your vacation must have been wonderful. Great photos.


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