Friday, May 13, 2011

Fiji Favs

I'm home. Safe and sound. Fiji is fabulous. So much to tell! But, I'm also tired. So just as a "Bula! let's talk soon" note here are a few favorite photos from the first few days:

Tough, tough vacation.

How have things been with you all?


  1. It looks so beautiful! Looking forward to more pictures.:)

  2. Recovering from my double mastectomy up her in Portland. The left breast tumor was quite large 10 cm, 23 lymph notes were cancerous and removed, the right side fanned much better small tumor, nothing in the Lymph nodes. Drains should be coming out Tuesday, I am well on my way to a perfectly wonderful recovery. Cancer Free!

  3. Great to stumble on your blog! Good luck with you journey! Have you heard about FAMEDS's Fight for Avastin to stay on-label? Please sign & share the petition to save 17,500+ women with metastatic breast cancer:

  4. Teresa,
    Looks heavenly. Love the porch and hammocks! Are you back to reality yet? Isn't it funny how we have to rest up from vacations?


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