Tuesday, April 26, 2011

On the Fly and About to Fly

Bula! (That is the Fijian greeting...which means, in essence "health" and how appropriate is that for this blog?)

We're in the countdown to Fiji time. Also, I'm in the countdown to getting more pages to the agent so she can get them to editors. Also, I have much work to finish up at my "real" job. Also, there's a spray tan with my name on it (well, a gift certificate. Never done it before; I'm sure it will be hilarious and I will look like Snooki...except tall and blonde-ish), a hair appointment (to get those now unnatural blonde highlights back), and a manicure and pedicure waiting. All in the next 48 hours. So, um, this will be fair warning of a blog hiatus.

I did get an iPad2 (which Chris has attached himself to), but we understand there is very little (to no) internet connection where we are staying. So I likely won't be able to post while I"m gone. But expect many, many photos and updates when I return.

Bula! Bula! And um, Aloha!


  1. Jumpin's..you just joined my blog and you're off...well you better have a snorkin' good time...hear me! Tks for joining and waiting patiently...gees that's so hard.

  2. Bula to you! Can't wait to see the photos!


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