Thursday, April 7, 2011

Coffee With a Canine

I'm interviewed (mostly about Seamus, duh. Winning!) over at Coffee with a Canine. I love this blog. Here's a part from the interview:

How were you and Seamus united?

I love the term "united." It's quite accurate. Seven years ago I went through a divorce and moved with my two old beagles to a townhome. Within five months of moving, both dogs had passed away. I was, needless to say, devastated. I went on a trip to Ireland with my brother and a cousin and when I came home the Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center, where I'd been a board member and volunteer for over 15 years, called to let me know they had a beagle in need of a home. I thought that I probably shouldn't get a beagle again since I was single, working a lot and living in a townhome with not a big yard. But I went to see the dog. And we all know what happens next. wind. The beagle was adorable and unusually colored--really red. He also made me laugh a lot. I named him after a cousin in Ireland that was...yeah, you got it, red-haired and really funny (not so unusual in Ireland).

Go check out the whole thing and many other great dog & coffee stories at Coffee With a Canine.   And have a good morning.


  1. I saw Seamus on Coffee with a Canine this morning! It was a great entry. Way to go, Seamus! (Our beagle Buddy had a similar problem when we had a glass door).

  2. Oh thank you for becoming our newest follower. Seamus is gorgeous (well, I guess handsome would be better) I read your interview over at Coffee With A Canine - loved it. Me and the Beaglebratz will definitely be following you - this IS an inspirational blog - I(we) will be back to read more - now it is beddy-bye time for us all.
    Kim, Shiloh & Shasta

  3. " wind" I am still laughing!

  4. Sweet! I never knew that was how you guys came to be. Sorry about your other beagies. :-(

  5. I saw you over at Coffee with a Canine- great article! If you want to join the ROAR Squad (Rescue Owners Are Rockin) please let me know (you'll see a "R.O.A.R. Squad" tab on Fido & Wino).

    Have a great week!


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