Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Finding My People

No sooner did I find myself on the "wrong" side of the Boobie war, then I innocently go off to Fresh 'n Easy at lunch to load up on my "Eat Well" packaged (fresh! healthy! helping me lose weight!) foods and I find once again, I am not part of a group. I am an outsider again!

I've been to Fresh 'N Easy before, but apparently not at lunch when there is limited parking. There were of course handicap parking spaces available but that's not me. Then I saw two open spaces--hurrah!!--but, oh, wait... "Parking for Hybrid Vehicles Only."  My Jaguar is a lot of wonderful things, among them...Purebred. No hybrid. I drove on. Voila' two more open spots! I accelerated the non-hybrid to the open spots....but there was another sign: "Parking for Moms with Children Only." Seriously?? I've never seen that before! And that is decidedly not me. Not even if Seamus were in the car with me. I ended up parking far, far away. But that's okay, the calories burned are only helping me get into that Bagdley-Mischka swimsuit. I just felt so sad that I didn't fit in. I'm sort of thinking maybe I'm not Fresh 'N Easy's kind of people. I'm parked over in the "people we don't really give a crap about" section.

Apparently, these sorts of reserved parking spots are not new. I'm behind the wave (of outrage), judging by what I found when I Googled for an image of the signs I saw. But that's okay. 'Cause I found my people and my parking.

Note to Fresh 'N Easy: think about it, please?


  1. Well, if I could drive I would want one of those signs. Usually the only signs you see in the parking lots around here are the ones for handicapped parking - I would and have had a placard that allowed me to park there but now that I don't drive, never have bothered with one again. I'm also quite able to walk so until that changes, if it does, I won't bother with it again. My sis drives and I know she would love the one pictured above.

  2. Apparently F&E hasn't seen all the data on the obesity of children these days, and paid attention to the fact that they are mostly indoors playing video games. Those Mom&Kids parking spaces should be really far away from the store, too!
    Would you have felt better if they posted a sign at the back of the parking lot: "For fitness minded people walking to lose five more pounds"? ;-)

  3. @Kim--yes, I wanted a sign too! Once there are 3 different "groups" out front, you can't help but feel bad being sent to the back. Oh, and I live in Southern California. Not driving is not an option, sadly.
    @Becky--you are a marketing genius! They should totally do that. Because, yes, I would have felt so, so much better with that sign. Well, until some snarky teenager came along and said "more like 30 pounds ,lady."

  4. @Becky--and I have now emailed Fresh 'n Easy that they should consider your sign idea. Only of course by then it was all my idea. ;-)

  5. Are you serious?! Talk about exclusive! You have a front row spot at my blog any time, hope that makes you feel better ;-) Have a great weekend!


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