Thursday, June 23, 2011

And Finally

So here's what we did in Fiji (besides just admire all that beauty in the landscapes and enjoy the happy, content souls that live there):

Of course, we ate:
One of Rhada's home cooked meals

A nice lunch on our first day

At the Yacht Club...Oo-la-la

Fish entree at the Costeau Resort

The Lovo meal on our last night

And of course, we drank:
Rum cocktails (in the house we  stayed in)

Fresh Coconut Juice!

Chris partaking in the Kava (it's a whole ceremony!)

Cocktails at the Costeau Resort (Jacques' son owns it)    


But we also visited temples:
Sunil took us to his temple

Love the colors! And the goddesses!

Snake Temple (see the rocks resemblance to a cobra?)
And went to a Village, where we were honored to join the villagers for their mass on Mother's Day and then have tea with the chief:
The receiving line after church services...seriously, The. Nicest. People. Ever.

The chief (in orange) and his family in the chief's home
Oh, and we climbed a waterfall (after a wild ride and small hike):
We spent time at the beach, and had  colorful and fantastic snorkeling experiences:

We made our way through sugar cane fields to a floating island...where one of us fell into a sinkhole, Coach purse and all (but "she" did managed to save her camera by holding it up in the air, despite falling into muddy water up to "her" chest... and believe me, "she" thought she was going under the entire island never to be seen again. Don't ask me how I know what she was thinking.)
Good thing we had a guide, right?

Yep, it was muddy. Slimy, muddy, icky.

And wet. Well, if you fell in.

And we spent some time (quite a bit actually) at the local markets

And we also watched a sunset or two...
And did I mention Chris and I slept in a bure on the water and got to see the very first sunrise of the day anywhere (Fiji is at the International dateline) over the ocean horizon from our bed...
But mostly....we relaxed:

And were very sad to say goodbye to Fiji. Bula Fiji!! Until we meet again...


  1. Looks like it was an amazing trip - thanks for sharing.

  2. Great pics! It looks dreaammy.

  3. I have got to stay away from blog posts today, everyone and their delicious food pictures have me starving! Looks like an amazing trip, I like the relaxing part most!

  4. Now that's a v-a-c-a-t-i-o-n!!!(added musical notes here) Loved the sunset picture and you swinging in the someday fate will fall into our travel lives...fingers crossed.Thanks for sharing...there was so much to see and do there...great!


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