Monday, June 13, 2011

The Happiest Animals

Like the people in Fiji, the animals there seem pretty darned content as well.
We passed him on our morning walk

Sunil's cat...conveniently named "Kitty"

A starfish is an animal, right? These were in the lagoon right in front of our house

guarding the fruit?

One of these dogs ate my sandal, but they're not talking. I forgive them.

Goat hill?

Our little visitor in Natewa Bay. His name was "Jacky"

Jacky brought a friend back for breakfast the next morning. I was an easy mark for them both.

Goats on a "balance beam"

We saw surprisingly few horseback riders.

The roots are almost as fascinating as the bird

Sand crab...he was released of course.

Breakfast visitor

Okay, this horse looks a little skinny...most of them did not.  
But of course, we missed our own little animal.  This is what made it good to be home.


  1. Now since I'm partial to animals this post was for the 'piece de resistance' to see how other animals live and interact with humans. This is so nice!


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