Saturday, August 6, 2011

Canine Cancer

 (More on the wineapalooza trip soon; as well as a fun interview with a writer you should know about a book you should know....but in the meantime, I found this post which I'd written back in June and then forgot to hit "Post." Chemo brain anyone??)

I've followed the work of the Morris Animal Foundation since a writing friend of mine, Heather Grimshaw, went to work there a few years ago. I love what they are doing and there focus on finding a cure for Canine Cancer is of course near and dear to my heart (and Seamus's...although he's forgotten all about his battle and is firmly focused always and obsessively on food and food only). So I want to share with you their new canine cancer resource website dedicated to the Canine Cancer Campaign. I'm loving the K-9 Cancer walks (humans and dogs walking together to raise fun!) and have to find a way to get involved in one. So far there isn't one near me...but there is one in Denver and I do have friends in Denver....hmm......

P.S. that cute little Pug in the photo is their "model" for the Mast Cell Tumor information. Pugs are particularly prone to that type of cancer, and that's also the type Seamus had (of course, he totally destroyed it).

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