Monday, August 1, 2011

The Things We've Seen

The current count is  10 days, 32 wineries, 279 wines. All I have the energy for is a couple of highlights (and you know I consider animals to be highlights) and just some funny stuff we saw along the way:

I'm thinking she didn't want to be photographed

He gets to spend his whole life like this....I'm kinda jealous

We were so focused on wineries that Mt. Shasta surprised us!

This also surprised us. You'd think it'd be more crowded.

The "world famous" sundial bridge.

Winery dogs are usually bigger. (This one's for you, Lori)

One of our favorite wineries and winemakers--Bill Frick of Frick Vineyards

Just so pretty

Foxy has a tough, tough job. I can relate.

Beautiful tasting room, beautiful wines and...I got a super cute hat!

Oregon grapes on Day 2 of our trip

California Grapes on Day 10 of our trip
We expect to hit 300 wines tasted sometime tomorrow. I'll keep you posted. And yes, there may even be some wine recommendations.

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  1. I am going to have to officially count my days by wines tasted! I hope you enjoyed number 300!


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