Wednesday, July 27, 2011

You're not going to like me.

But, I'm on vacation. Again. Yes, I know, it seems I'm just back from Fiji. But really, that was two months ago. So obviously it was time for me to be here:

Outside the tasting room of Winderlea Vineyard in the Willamette Valley

Chris is with me, of course

And I got to see a longtime (we're not "old"!!) friend (we were 14 when we met... a few years back)

But this is a working vacation. It's work! See--Chris has a notepad!

Sure, we were in places that look like this and there is wine (a lot), but it's work I tell ya!

Look, there was even math!

And look how serious these boys are with their barrel tastings. Serious, serious stuff

And don't think Bella, throws that ball herself. Nope, that was my job.

Yep. 5 days, 12 wineries, 90 wines (and one cheese shop). And today was mostly a driving day. Tomorrow-- look out Lake County, CA wineries! I'll blog more when I get a moment. I also have lots of exciting stuff coming up for the interviews, a movie you all need to know about, probably a few wine recommendations, all good, good stuff.

Cheers to you!


  1. Can I have your life please? :-) ENJOY!

  2. Sideways....comes to and more wine...did I say lucky you!?

  3. @Sami--it took me about 3 different tries to find the life I wanted; you're young--you'll get there!
    @Sophie-- you even have good taste in movies! This trip is a little Sideways-esque. But I did find one Merlot I liked!

  4. I think the cat is saying, "Why the *#)@& am I on a blog entitled THE DOG LIVED?!?"


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