Wednesday, July 20, 2011

More Famous-osity

Seamus has always had a thing for big, handsome, hunky dogs. His first true love was Will:
Will admiring Seamus (on Chris's lap)

(Note to self: get better photo of handsome Will).

But now, I think he may have an online crush. Allow me to introduce you to Blogging Bob...the handsome and erudite pitbull. Seems they may have a mutual admiration thing going on. This is Bob:
Is that not a handsome dog? Seamus has good taste.
Oh, and if you hope on over to Bob's'll see how Kevin Bacon introduced them. (You'll also see Bob's adorable frenemy Smudge...but please don't tell Bob we mentioned Smudge.)


  1. Kevin Bacon? How cool is that? I will have to check out this famously handsome dude who has a penchant for yellow duckies. I like that in a man, myself. ;-)

  2. Now I have to point out that I know Kevin Bacon - actually, it's his brother Michael I know - we used to race bikes in Tennessee, way back when I was 17 and 18. This was back when records were, well, records, and not CDs. But I've met Kevin twice backstage at their concerts in recent years.

  3. @Kristine--the answer is...not a cool as actual bacon. But that's a beagle for you!
    @Sara--of course you know Kevin Bacon! Please thank him for introducing Bob and Seamus. And every other person in the universe!

  4. Everything DOES lead back to Kevin Bacon, doesn't it?


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