Thursday, July 14, 2011

Another Anniversary

Two Years.

Two Years ago today I finished treatment for triple-negative, Stage 1c, "highly-invasive", ductal carcinoma. I have a diploma to prove it. See:

Teresa with Radiology Oncologist Dr. Janet Hocko 7/14/2009

A whole different "cap and gown" experience, no?
Two years after getting through it all...two years of "survival".... here are my, admittedly random, thoughts:

1. I hardly think about it anymore. I forget that I ever had cancer. I can sometimes be surprised when I remember that I am, in fact, a breast cancer survivor. The other day I was alarmed when I saw one of my radiation tattoos...until I remembered how it got there. I also forget the impact the word "cancer" can have on other people. Thanks to Seamus's survival and my own, when I hear cancer I do not hear "death."

2.  I feel better. And I mean better than before I had cancer. I pay more attention to the important things (and by that I mean what's important to me--and I don't really care if that sounds selfish). I'm exercising more and eating a bit healthier, which is huge. Huge.

3. Not unrelated to #2, I weigh less than I did pre-cancer.

4. I hope I've been able to help other people (and other people's dogs!) get through their own cancer odysseys. I've enjoyed the online/ blog friendships and I've been happy to be able to talk or email with  friends, and friends of friends, and friends of friends of friends, when they were diagnosed and to refer them to the good and great Dr. Karam, to The Pink Ribbon Place or to some other appropriate place (second opinions!!). I'd like to think I've helped in some small way and will continue to be able to.

5. I might be slightly less cynical post-cancer (see #2 and #4 above). I might be able to say "Life is Good."

6. I'm also likely to say "I've worked out twice this week, why the hell aren't I a size 2?"

7. I'm a work in progress. But, at least I'm around for the progress.

Teresa and "Dr." Seamus--7/14/2011: Thriving
P.S. Yes, that's all my hair...if not my natural hair color. ;-)


  1. From the mom (Kim) Oh it's not just cancer you help people get through - for inspiration and just a plain old "get in there and fight it" kick in the butt, all one has to do is come by here for a visit. Rite now my vision is improved a little - have no idea if that will keep happening or not but for now, I just need to enjoy it for what it is now.
    Kim, Shiloh'n Shasta

  2. You look beautiful (in both photos)! Congratulations on your anniversary!

  3. @Kim & Mandi--Thank you both! And good luck to you both in your recoveries!

  4. That is AWESOME! Congratulations to you! Way to kick cancer's butt! Hugs to you! :)

  5. Hi Teresa (and Seamus) I am so happy to have just received a comment from you on my Blog ( and to meet you. Do you think Seamus would like to have me, a PitBull Boy Bloginator, for a friend? I hope so.
    Mom says we love your Blog and will share with all of our friends so they can read all about your adventures (good and bad) and have some hope if they need it.

    Love and Big Licks,

  6. @Bob--Seamus has a thing for big, handsome dogs so I'm quite certain he'd like to be your friend. I've been following your blog for some time now (and I share it with Seamus, of course). Thanks for checking in!

  7. Hi Teresa -- I'm a friend of Bloggin' Bob and just read about you and Seamus on his blog. Congratulations on your 2 year anniversary and may you celebrate decades into the future! Hope you and Seamus will stop by our blog and say hi. We're 2 Million Dogs and we fight cancer in dogs (and people). You can check us out at

    We hope, if you're in a city near where we're having one of our Puppy Up! Walks this fall that you and Seamus will join us. We'd love to see you both there. Here are the Walk locations (so far). We're adding new locations as people hear about up.

    Again, congratulations to you and Seamus, and Puppy Up!

    Erich Trapp, Secretary and Bloginator for 2 Million Dogs Foundation

  8. Woo hoo! Teresa, your courage and strength are such an inspiration. look GAW-GEOUS!

    And Seamus is as handsome as ever. I showed his pic to Millie and she wants to know if he's into little old ladies who snore.


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