Sunday, October 9, 2011

Dog Blog Hop

I never quite know how these blog hops work, but I do know that I really want to go read allllllll of these doggie blogs. (Which would also give me a brilliant excuse not to be writing the memoir, you know, the one I'm on a deadline for...not a good excuse, just a brilliant excuse.) Must...keep....writing....but these dogs are so!...Look, cute doggies!!...  No! Must. Write. Now.


  1. Very good idea,Teresa. I know a few of these fellers and you are going to have a pawsome read!

  2. Nice to meet you on the blog hop! congratulations on your book deal!
    Laurel, Alex and Baker
    celebrating the love of dogs at
    Bark Wag Love

  3. Wow, finally! I get to meet other dog bloggers. Soooo many cute dog photos. What a great collection you have here Teresa! Thanks for sharing these. - Dave


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