Sunday, October 16, 2011

Wineapalooza Returns...with Mark Twain

Where did we leave off??? The world's longest wine tasting tour has now turned into the world's longest blogging journey. But, I believe when we were lasting tasting (virtual) wines together, Chris and I had just left Irish Vineyards and were headed into Calaveras for dinner. You've heard of Calaveras County right? Made famous by Mark Twain's "The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County" short story? We were there for wines, not frogs, but still...I'm a fan of Mark Twain. Which explains (barely) why when I saw a small road sign that said "Mark Twain Cabin" I asked Chris to turn off the road and head to the cabin. Chris and I both love those road trips where you just see strange/interesting/ weird things and drive to them, so he turned off the highway and away we went. We winded up this road with no traffic whatsoever and seemingly heading nowhere or at best into someone's ranch or private home. Our first sign of civilization was actually this peacock:
Because we sort of figured it wasn't a "wild" peacock. And sure enough we came upon Mark Twain Cabin...and it had some visitors besides us:

But still, no people.
We parked and approached the, Mark Twain was here...:

and so was I!! Okay, kind of a book geek that I was excited about that, but I was. Until I read the plaque, which said this:

WTH??? Ah, the importance of an apostrophe. It was not "Mark Twain's Cabin" it was "Mark Twain Cabin" in a cabin merely named after Mark Twain!! I could do this at home. I can name a tree "Mark Twain Tree" or my hot tub "Mark Twain Jacuzzi" or hell, I'm going with "William Shakespeare Garage." If I just get a plaque and a road sign, I will lure people in. But why? WHY??? 

We did get a big laugh out of this, and yeah, we blamed all the wine we had for our being so gullible. Then we searched for the hidden cameras (oh, those Rotarian jokesters!).  But, on the other hand, it was a beautiful drive and we had a beautiful sunset on our way back down the winding road.

Our trusty wine-mobile.
Don't you just love road trips??


  1. too bad about the cabin, I love Mark Twain definitely one of my favorite authors. I just read the Mark Twain book of animals

  2. Oooh, I'm going to have to check out Mark Twain's book of animals. I'm not familiar with that!

  3. At least you got to see some beautiful sights! :D


  4. Sorry about the cabin fiasco... But that is just too funny!

  5. Hi Teresa!

    Haha, at least Mr Twain was in the area - at some point.

    Wine-mobile. My kind of car! Fill her up.

    Great blog.

  6. They sure are tricky with the name aren't they?! :-)

  7. Hilarious Teresa! But you are correct, it was the journey not the destination that was important!
    Great countryside by the way!

  8. Thanks all for laughing along with me. It was funny and well worth the drive anyway. Oh and Chris, yes, we filled up the wine-mobile. 106 bottles came home with us.


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