Sunday, December 4, 2011


I had this crazy idea that I'd have MORE time to blog on vacation. Especially since my vacation was in know land of beautiful beaches, sunsets and a "hang loose" attitude.

But, no. First, I was sick the first two days I was there (crazy stomach bug--so much for Thanksgiving dinner) and then I was hyper-productive on The Dog Lived memoir manuscript. The point of the week in paradise really was to write. I'm pleased to report, I finished another draft! Probably only one more to go before I hand my baby over to the editor at Sourcebooks. Super exciting times.

So that's my excuse for being absent from the blogoshpere. Well...that, and these:



  1. Those cocktails look mighty tasty

  2. Aloha back young lady!

    Literally green with envy! :-)

    Pour one for me Teresa.

  3. Those cocktails WERE mighty tasty.
    And Chris, I'm envious of me last week too, since I'm back in my office now!

  4. Yum! The cocktails and the beach look delightful!


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