Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Holiday Tradition

The Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center here in Riverside has a "Pet Pictures" with Santa fundraiser event every year. We take Seamus every year. And every year he does this:
Christmas 2007

Christmas 2008

Christmas 2010
That's right...every year he hates it! (2009 was my cancer year... I thus call "chemo brain" on the fact that I can't find that photo).

So...aren't you dying to know how 2011 went? Here he is:
Christmas 2011
Hey, at least Santa didn't have to put him in a headlock this time.
But  then look what happened...

I guess Seamus didn't want to wait for Christmas morning to get his treats. He hit up Santa when Santa was trying to take a break. Santa obliged and just happened to have some dog treats in his pocket.

And now we all believe.


  1. Seamus does look a bit nervous. Some dogs love Santa and some are alittle unsure. Norbert needed to have his dad stay in this picture with him one year

  2. and every year I find this as disturbing as the famous beagle does...

  3. Nice to see it's the same (genuine) Santa too!

    Absolutely great pictures Teresa!!

  4. We did this with Sophie a couple of years ago! She LOVED it! We were nervous wrecks!
    Thanks for dropping by today, Teresa.

  5. love that he has the SAME expression in every photo!!!

  6. Since he got the treat... maybe he'll pose better in 2012!
    He's still adorable though :-)

  7. @Sara--I think Santa will need to give Seamus the treat BEFORE the photo--then Seamus will like Santa much better.
    @John--yes, the same "get me out of here" expression. It doesn't help that there is a bake sale going on right next to the photo area. There are places he'd rather be... (and he did snag a slice of carrot cake off the table later.)
    @Jim--of course Sophie loved it! She's gorgeous and she knows it! (Plus she's also extremely well behaved. Seamus, Seamus.)

  8. @Chris--it is the same "genuine" Santa every year. And it used to be the same background! Still, we take him every year.
    @Tubby--we tried staying in the picture but I worry about ending up in one of those "Awkward Pet/ Family Photo" books!
    @Becky--Seamus has done more disturbing things than this. ;-)

  9. I so love that you take him and get santa pictures! How awesome. :)

  10. Chapters Book store...Sophie managed very proud...missed it this year...keep eyes open for an email card acomin'!


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