Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Coming to the End

No, no, not the end of the blog. And certainly not the end of me. But the end of the Wi-fro. Look at that thing. It simply can't go on. I think this morning Chris's hair was begging us to put it out of its misery. This is what Chris looked like when he woke up this morning. I laughed so much I just had to ask him to throw some clothes on and let me take a photo for the blog before he did anything to the hair. I just don't think you all have been able to see the full glory of his hair without seeing the "first thing in the morning" hair.

For those of you who might be new to this, let me explain. Chris did the dutiful supportive "significant other" offer to shave his own head when I had chemo. I declined the offer because frankly, he has way better hair than I do and I would have been more upset over his loss of hair. So he did the opposite and has been "growing it out for cancer." He hasn't had it cut since February 7th (right before I started chemo). Just as a refresher, this is what he looked like the night before my surgery (so January 27th). And um...now (Seems like this experience has been kind of rough on him doesn't it?)

Once we figured out he can't actual donate it to Locks of Love or any of those organizations (they want 10 inches of hair!), we really didn't have an "end" in mind for this massive undertaking of hair growth. So of course I posted a poll as to when Chris should cut his hair. And some evil minded (but funny!) person stepped in and ran a campaign to vote for December 15th (when Chris and I leave for Maui). Well, December 15th was the winning selection with 26 votes. On the other hand....a full 30 of you voted for a date which is earlier than December 15th. See where I'm going with this?

Right. I'm letting Chris off the hook. He and I will both be going for a haircut. That's right, me too. I have some crazy odd hairs sticking out on my head and there does seem to be enough hair to require a little shaping at this point. So, while my hair cut will probably take all of 30 seconds and Chris's is likely to take hours and many stylists working in shifts, we are going to go together sometime soon. There will be photos.

(That rush of wind you just heard coming from the south was Chris's mother's sigh of relief.)


  1. This guy must REALLY, REALLY love you!

  2. They say cancer takes a toll on friends and family, but until I saw Chris's photo, I had no idea how awful it truly was.

  3. Yes! After that morning photo---It is time for he hair to go! Can't wait to see the next photo!

  4. ahahahahahaha


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