Friday, August 21, 2009

The End of an Era

[Note to Anonymous Commenter: This is again a posting that involves hair and what someone looks like. Since you seem completely oblivious to the fact that this is a blog about going through breast cancer and that includes the effects of chemo, which are **news flash** physical, I thought I should warn you so that you don't have to bother your obviously far superior self with such droll ramblings. Here's an idea: stop reading the blog. After all, you are so above "appearances" you've chosen to post anonymously. I love that. But surely you have better things to do.]

Now, for those of you who actually get the blog:


Here is the final "Chris's hair Post." This morning, he woke up looking like this:
And so for posterity's sake we measured the Wi-fro:
That may be a little hard to see, and even harder to believe, but that's 4 1/2" of hair at the top of his head. Impressive. But not as impressive as this:That's not a collection of toupees, that's not a cocker spaniel, and it's not a large throw rug. It's what happened as a result of this:
That's Chris with Kelly, my longtime hairstylist and the one who shaved my head, styled my wigs and now has hacked her way through Chris's phenom of hair. Hair tsunamis no more. She even trimmed my hair (and we mean literally--one crazy little hair that had to go). So here's my "new" look:

And the end result today was much happiness for everyone concerned:
For the record, Chris and I both went from February 7th to August 21st without a haircut. He just needed a lot more hair product than I did. But that's love people. That's love.


  1. What a beautiful couple. Who's the crazy?

  2. you guys look great! I am not even mad he cut it was really out of control! so who is the nasty person leaving leaving comments?

  3. Nasty person left the comments anonymously (although I'm pretty sure I know who it is) below in the August 19th post. Nasty person may be crazy. And bored. Bored enough to keep reading a blog that apparently offends him/her no end.

    But the point is, Chris and I appear to look fantastic don't we? ;-)

  4. You look great! He looks great! You both rock!

    You may want to set your Comments so you approve them before they post - that's what I do. A very minor inconvenience, and then I see each comment as it comes in.

  5. OMG that first picture of Chris is right of of The Little Rascals! Comical :=)
    I think you both look MARVELOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know you've heard it over & over & are sick of it, but can really pull off that short style!
    Hope my comment doesn't upset your anonymous writer. Is it freedom of speech...Thought you reviewed first?

  6. I do review the comments first and usually I don't post the anonymous commenter's rants. But that last one was just so damn funny and so far out of left field, I thought I'd go ahead and post it. I shouldn't have though, because it apparently provokes the crazy. You should see the rant I got this morning!! It's nice though to get such a gigantic laugh in the morning.

  7. That's a really nice shot of the two of you ...

  8. Who knew a simple hair cut could make such a wonderful difference.

  9. Thanks all. We had a great weekend and Chris is really enjoying all the free time he has in the morning now that he doesn't have to spend hours trying to tame his mane.

  10. Wow! You two look great! Hugs!


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