Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Yeah, but it's not Me.

What do these photos have in common?
Right. They are not me. It's so obvious. It is, right? And yet that's what I'm hearing these days about my hair-- "It's very [insert celebrity-type with really short hair]." Okay, so it's really only me who thinks "Brigette Nielson" (it's just a fear of mine--based on that whole "we're kind of gigantic" commonality.) But last week I heard "Annie Lennox" a half dozen times and this week it's "Jamie Lee Curtis." I don't have the bone structure of either of them, and, um, I'm younger than both of them.

So while I'm flattered that people are starting to think my hairstyle is a choice, the comments seem to be confirming for me that "it's a style" but it's not "my style." I'm still not-so-patiently waiting for mine to reach a point where I no longer feel the need to explain to unsuspecting total strangers who happen to glance at my head that "it's still growing out from cancer and reallyIdidn'tchoosethisI'mjusttryingtogrowitoutandIpromiseitusedtobelongandnormallooking." In the meantime, the me with the short hair is still learning that women can actually be pretty nice to each other. Who knew?


  1. You are very concerned with appearances aren't you?

  2. Anonymous is probably from Florida and related to either Carmen or Nadia!!!

  3. It's so funny because that's where I am in my growth cycle right now. I don't hear that I look like anyone in particular just the "Wow! That's bold" or "I didn't recognize you wiht your new look." And, since I have a problem in that I just have to burst out with "It's NOT by choice." Then, I just get that confused look and I end up explaining. Afterwards I feel so dirty, like I unnecessarily exposed a piece of myself. I really need to get a grip on my blurting out. And, yes, I realize you wrote this 2 years ago. I should poke around to see how your hair looks now.


Comments mean you care. That's all I'm saying.