Saturday, October 10, 2009

I'm Traveling!

Okay, not so much me--I'm actually home enjoying a full 36 hours with no obligations whatsoever (whatever will I do???). But my words have traveled. I'm the "guest blogger" over at Bah! to Cancer while Stephanie vacations in Provence. Lucky, lucky woman. Guest blogger is a lot like guest star, don't you think? No, really. It must be. So check me out (and the rest of Stephanie's blog): Bah!to Cancer!  
And then leave a comment--preferably one about how much you enjoyed my guest blog. Wait, never mind, it's not like it's a paying gig! Okay then, give Stephanie props for kickin' cancer's butt too.

Have a great weekend. My coffee is ready, my book is selected, and the computer is all warmed up for more of my writing frenzy.  I love this day already.

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