Friday, October 16, 2009

Hair and There  thinks I'm totally cool this fall:

Actresses Mia Farrow and Audrey Hepburn and model Twiggy popularized the pixie cut back in the 1950s and 1960s -- helping to transform society's perception of beauty.

"No matter the decade, short hair on woman suggests an air of rebellion, liberation and freedom," said Tran. "The pixie can be traced as far back as Joan of Arc. While showing strength and courage, it highlights a woman's feminine features."

And Melville points out that the hair style is like anything else that's in fashion. "Everything comes back in time," he said. "We've done it all before but we do it again with a twist."

Oooh. I like that, "rebellion, liberation and freedom." So I suppose I could look at this as my rebellion from the same California blonde look I've had my whole life, a liberation from combs, brushes and blow dryers and freedom from...well, er...cancer.  Okay, not bad. I can probably think that way. Most days. Or I can just remember what Spicey Matt recently said about a picture of me on facebook: "Now that your coif is not swallowing your head, we can see your gorgeous face." (Yeah, I know!! Even he called it a back-handed compliment.)  But okay, point taken. And um, face still stinging. (I still kind of miss my 80's hair. But then Matt would be the same guy who once said to me at a cocktail party where I'd dressed up and done my hair differently, "You're hair looks gorgeous, I couldn't even recognize you!" Apparently he's always hated my hair.)

I won't lie, I bought this issue of Vogue solely because I now aspire to Michelle Williams' hair do on the cover. I probably won't see that until next spring, but still, I'm inspired. (And I'm pretty sure, with those dark roots of hers, I can get to this color as well. Or, um, my stylist Kelly can get us to that color.) That's kind of a cute spring look don't you think? Note also it's the October issue so of course there is the "Mammography update" in the left corner. Thank goodness Vogue didn't stick a pink bow in Michelle's hair. I would have been too busy controlling my gag reflex and totally over looked her adorable hair.

So okay, I can deal with this. I'll have a cool pixie hair do of rebellion, liberation and freedom. And the world will just have to adjust to a five foot ten inch pixie.


  1. Haha. You know I wouldn't be myself if I wasn't playing the constant antagonist. I think you misquoted me at Mayor's Ball, but that's ok.

    Bottomline, I like the sleek look. I think you have great bone structure & could ROCK the Michelle Williams bouffant, but even if you decide to return to the 80s hair (quoting you now), you're always well put-together.

  2. I am totally with Spicy--surrender the 80's hair--I did


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