Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Things I'm Happy About

Things I'm happy about this week:

1. I've gone on a walk with Seamus 4 times this week (and it's only Wednesday!).
2. One of those walks was with Chris, whom I always enjoy spending time with.
3. One of those walks was happily accidentally with my friend and former law partner Jane Carney. Despite the fact that we live two doors apart we rarely get (take?) the chance to chat, so it was nice catching up briefly.
4. On one of those walks, Seamus was an extremely well behaved beagle!
5. I had lunch with my dad. That's us in the photo, enjoying lunch at the Mission Inn to celebrate his birthday. [I thought my hair had come back in pretty much his same color...but nope, his is lighter. And longer!]
6. I'm really enjoying writing The Dog Lived (and so will I), the memoir version.
7. Reservations are rolling in for the Brunch for Breasts at Restaurant Omakase on October 11th.
8. I did a pretty good job of setting priorities this week. I even ate well. Mostly.
9. Many people have returned to reading the blog. I guess you all just needed some time off. 

It's only Wednesday, but hey, that's a lot to be happy about, so I thought I'd share. (I know what you're thinking....who got on Teresa's computer and blogged for her?? I know, I know. I'm thinking the same thing, but let's all just run with this now, shall we?)


  1. Ok, I'm one of those people have been away WAY too long. You know, moving, getting resettled, etc. I have many blog posts to catch up on, but I like the positive top 10 list right away! Me, I'm trying to get positive too. In fact, I stopped at the new 24 hour super club tonight and re-upped my membership. Plan on finally tackling this weight gain (and uh, the mental factors and physical habits that caused it). Hopefully, we'll both be back to our true selves by Jan. 1!

  2. What a great picture of you and your dad. He looks good! And, of course, you do too. And your hair really does look cute. You are a rare being that can pull that look off! :)


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