Tuesday, May 4, 2010

More on Hair (an update)

As an update...so AOL (yeah, okay, i'm still on AOL...I'm living in the 90's) had a link to this article on what your natural hair color might mean about your health. Well, how could I not click through to that article?? I read it and now I'm doubly confused. So do I read the part about my natural hair color for my first 45 years of life (blonde...in case I need to remind you), or the "new" hair that I have?? How do I know what to worry about????!!!

Hair and Health...as brought to you by AOL. (Go ahead, click on the Hair and Health title...then get back to me with your thoughts. Oh, and it doesn't say "blondes are prone to breast cancer." Phew.)

Also...my sister informs me that when reading my last blog post her youngest daughter (age 3; so only 18 months old when I was a blonde) was looking at the screen with her and did not recognize the photo of me as a blonde...but did know that the photo of me as a brunette was Aunt Teresa. So there you have it. I'm a brunette.    Wow.

And also again, for the first time today someone actually noticed that my drivers license photo looks very, very different than I look now. I was at the bank, so that's a good thing she's so observant with ID. But let the record reflect that it took over a year for anyone to make a comment about my drivers license photo not looking at all like me now. Thank god no one commented on the difference between my obvious "real" weight....and what my drivers license says. (She also said that I was very "sunshiney". Yep. I'm still laughing about that too.)

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