Sunday, May 30, 2010

Pink Carpet Premier

We had a fantastic time at the Pink Carpet Premier of Sex and The City 2!! Sold out event with a lot of women rockin' some fantastic outfits. And the shoes!! There were even some men there. 6 brave men showed their love for their women by showing up at this event--and 3 of them even stayed for the movie. Now the after party? 350+ women partying at Citrus City Grille, cosmos and "pink ribbon" martinis in hand---yeah, more guys showed up for that. Party went on until nearly 2a.m. Here are a few highlights of a glamorous, fun, heartfelt evening where over $16,000 was raised for the Pink Ribbon Place breast cancer resource center.
The top photo is Chris playing the role of Ryan Seacrest ("Who are you wearing? Which Sex & The City character are you most like?"). Above is Steve Holquin...the man, the myth, the legend...this event was his idea and without him, working together with Chris, there's no way this event could have happened let alone been the success it was.

 Four was the magic number. Ladies in groups of 4 stormed the pink carpet in their most fashionable ensembles. Work that step & repeat banner, ladies!

  Sheena Meder in her awesome party dress. I can't believe I missed photographing her shoes. She was wearing the shoes Samantha wore in the famous sushi scene in SATC 1!!

 And check out all those sponsors! (Note: Forgotten Grapes!!)

  IE Style magazine's sexy photog captured the glamorous gals and fancy footwear all evening long.
 Holly and Rory Gunnette. He was one of the brave men...and he stayed for the movie. He declines to state whether he enjoyed the movie (but he loved the event!)

  The Ladies of Best, Best & Kreiger. Rumor has it there were pre-party cosmos. Nice work, ladies!

 A full house!

 Stuffed Swag Bags on every seat!! Over 30 sponsors donated items (Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf $5 gift cards; Karen Allen Salon Aveda shampoos; UCLA hand sanitizers and band-aid purse kits; perfume samples; tableside purse holders; items; martini glasses from Vantage Oncology; Bobby's coffee drink coupons; free appetizer at Salted Pig; Chic-fil-a, CPK, MI Tortilla food coupons, nail files and lip gloss from Avon, key chains, Lavish Day Spa gift certificates, Mary Kay products, IE Style magazine, etc....!!etc...!! etc....!!!)

 Over 25 volunteers worked tirelessly to get the theater set up, food tables out, drinks out, and 400 swag bags on all the seats (people, that's a lot of stairs!) in under 15 minutes! This U-Haul backed up to the theater back door and off we ran! Some of very high heels.

And finally--showtime!! But not for us volunteers....we headed over to Citrus City Grille to set up for the after party.

 Which was also a huge success and lasted until after 2a.m. Phew. We were tired.

(And by the way...that's the violet BR08 dress I did not wear to the wedding in this blog post.)

 Let's do it again next year!! For now though...I need a nap!

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  1. I had a great time! The event was a blast and I think should be a yearly event.



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