Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Second Base

See that? That's me and that's Seamus and that's a shirt you can have. Okay, wait, not that exact shirt...I'm keeping that one (also, you cannot have my wine...I get so few glasses of it these days). But the good folks at Save Second Base sent me some shirts to give away on the blog! Cool, huh? Yeah, Seamus and I thought so too (which is why he agreed to semi-pose for the picture--note the attitude he's copping though). It's especially cool since Save 2nd Base has donated over $30,000 to breast cancer organizations in the few years it's been in existence. You can read more about them and the work they are doing (and why) at the Save 2nd Base website.

I have a hot pink shirt (like the one I'm wearing) in size L and another in P (which I can only assume means petite...I've never in my life been such at thing and this could in fact be the first time I've touched an article of clothing in size P). And I have a green one (with hot pink writing) in size M. So who wants one? I realize you can't read the shirt, but I'm hoping you are not surprised to learn that the green writing says "Save 2nd Base." I'm giving all 3 shirts away in a drawing.

Once again, we're going to let Seamus decide. Enter the Seamus-shirt-arama contest by leaving a comment below--tell me whose breast cancer battle you are honoring (hey, it can be really can just say me!).  Seamus is looking forward to selecting more toast winners.

Other acceptable comments's my hair looking? March 13th was the 2 year anniversary of shaving my head post-chemo. It's easy to remember because it was a Friday the 13th. That picture was taken on March 15th (a few days ago). But that's not quite 2 years of hair growth, because of course the hair doesn't start growing 'til the chemo stops. So that's about 1 year and 10 months or so of growth. I have to say...the color is bugging me. I may have to go back to blond. I see my stylist on Saturday.

Unacceptable comments are "how's the book proposal coming?" "Is the memoir done yet?" "Has the book sold yet?" or ... "Anybody can write a book!"  See where I'm going with this? Right. Crazy. The book proposal is back to my agent. I'm really, really, really hoping it's now "good to go" or at least only in the "minor edits needed" stage. Really. So much hoping that. I know you are too.

Comments between now and 5pm PST on March 30th are entered for a shirt!


  1. Hey, you are looking thin! (But I'm confused about your hair color, because it looks blond to me NOW.)

  2. Well that just might have to be a winning comment in and of itself--any comment that says I'm looking thin! (Actually, Seamus is strategically placed to block 1/2 a thigh! ;-)
    As for the hair--well, maybe it's the roots that are bugging me. I'll try fixing that Saturday. But I still say, it's light brown. Even medium brown!

  3. Oh! Oh! Seamus, pick me and Bernie to win! And no, neither one of us has ever been a "P" in our lives, either.

    Of course, I'm honoring your battle but my mother and cousin are both breast cancer survivors so it's a cause that's very near and dear to my heart. And my boobs.

    You look gorgeous! But the blondie blonde is pretty on you, too. Must be tough to always look fab...

    Oh, by the way, thanks for referring me for the Coffee with a Canine blog. How cute is that blog??

  4. @Chrissy--I LOVE the Coffee with a Canine Blog. If I had more time, I'd totally want to do a "Wine with a Canine" blog! I had fun with the interview.
    @Sara--I also mentioned you to the Coffee with A Canine Blogger. ;-)

  5. Teresa, Both of you look great! All things hair, such a journey in itself. Mine is growing slowly, hoping to pick a new color soon. Guess I won't ask about the book then. ha. Good luck.

  6. Mild correction to the's not a "P" for petite. It's actually an "S" for small. "P" must be the first letter of the word "small" in Spanish because the "L" shirt also has a "G" on it, which I do happen to know is for "Grande." Don't ask me how I know that.

  7. Grande Borrito, Grande Taco, = Grande T shirt.
    As you know I am honoring your fight againt cancer, the Pink Ribbon Place, and Koman. i vote for what ever color hair makes you happy.
    Seamus was only grumpy because he had to share the spot.

  8. Maybe P is for Pequeno? That's my comment, and your hair looks great to me :) Good to see you yesterday!!!

  9. I am new to Teresa’s Blog, 2 weeks ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer during a routine mammogram. They did a biopsy, an MRI a second biopsy a PET Scan needless to say I was glowing by the end of the week. I am fortunate to be a perfect match for Tamoxifen vs Chemo; I will undergo a double mastectomy (when the tumor shrinks) followed by radiation. My goal is to wear the tee shirt “hell yes their fake, the other ones tried to kill me” Seemus is beautiful. I lost my beloved Chelsea (a Cocker Spaniel) 6 months after she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, she had surgery but not Chemo, Chelsea was 12.


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