Thursday, September 15, 2011

Going to The Dogs

Day 7 (Part 2) of Wineapalooza.

You may have noticed I have a thing about dogs. And also about wine. So imagine how giddy I was to be going to Mutt Lynch winery! Because they have a thing about dogs and wine too. They're dog friendly (oh how I wished Seamus could have been on this trip!), they have dogs in the tasting room, dogs on the labels, and dogs on the brain. They also contribute to many dog organizations (pet rescue, adoption, etc.) and donate their wines for non-profit fundraisers for animal organizations. Basically, they're a wonderful bunch. And I'm pleased to tell you the wine is pretty darn good too!

Our tasting room guide was Ann Joly  who is also a breast cancer survivor... and dog lover... and wine lover! Clearly we're BFFs. And yet, we took her photo with Chris...
And then she was nice enough to take our photo (Chris and I, like most vacationing couples, rarely are in the same photo):
(And come on...we look pretty god for having, at this point, tasted 168 wines in 7 days don't we? Don't we?  Yeah, hold that thought...).

So what did we like at Mutt Lynch? Trying to be a little more particular than "Everything!", I'd have to say it was the 2009 Fou Fou Le Blanc (Sauvignon Blanc), the 2007 Portrait of a Mutt (Zinfandel and Carignane blend), and I'm gonna also say the 2009 Unleashed Chardonnay. Oooh, and the 2007 Chateau D'og Cabernet. Bottles found there way into our trusty wine-mobile.

Yep, Day 7 was a great day. And it kept on getting better when we stopped in at Hawkes Winery and it's gorgeous tasting room. 

We met briefly (it was getting late) with the winemaker Jake Hawkes (isn't that a cool name, btw?) and he handed Chris a "six pack" of wines to take to try later. These were his hand-selected, specialty wines made from the Forgotten Grapes that Chris specializes in. We haven't tried all of them yet (did I mention we came home with 106 bottles? Right...we haven't drank them all yet!), but I'm pretty certain they're fabulous.

Dinner at Zazu with a good friend of mine from law school wrapped up our perfect day!
(7 days down, 5 more to go. 173 wines tasted...153 more to go...)

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