Monday, September 26, 2011

Twisted...Very Twisted

Day 9 of Wineapalooza... Sunday, July 31st

You think we'd be slowing down by now, but we weren't. Well, I was, but Chris wasn't so "we" weren't slowing down. (See how that worked?). Luckily though we had another fun day ahead. And guess what? There was more wine!

Our first stop was at a fantastic winery called Twisted Oak in Murphy's (yes, that's the wine region/ town). I loved even the drive up to the winery, it's a twisty, dirt road with fun little signs posted along the way that say ridiculously funny things...none of which I was awake/smart enough to write down.

Then there is the tasting room...filled with crazy rubber chickens and other sundry gift and crazy items. (I did buy a hoodie t-shirt that asks "Are you Twisted?")

The tasting room staff was however, not just fun but knowledgeable. Which was important because we started our day with a whopping 11 wines tasted there! The favorite (I know this because it has 3 stars by it in Chris's wine notebook) was the Calaveras River of Skulls Mourvedre (their website lists the recommended food pairing as "dead people"...they are kidding; they're like that.) This was some good stuff. Also among our favorites, the 2009 Ruben's Blend (Roussanne/ Marsanne/ Grenache blend) and the 2009 Carignane. The tasting room is definitely worth the visit and luckily, the wines live up to that!

 Alas, we had to be on our way...after all, by this point we'd only tasted 227 wines!

Next stop...Chathom Vineyards.

We picked this one because they produce a wine with a "She Wine" label that donates to women's health causes (including breast cancer) but also because they had some interesting wines. And...they had a very good Touriga! Remember, that's my new favorite? What? You don't remember that? Have you been drinking while reading these blog posts??? 2007 Chatom Touriga...remember it. And drink it! We also found these most delectable "wine crackers" there...we're researching where to get more. They were super, super tasty.

We managed to squeeze in one more winery in Murphy's...Irish Family Vineyard. But Russell Irish and his family...well, they deserve their own posting. And they will have it! Later this week. Or tomorrow. You just never know with me.


  1. 227 wines! That is a serious wine tasting trip, and I am jealous!

  2. Hey, the pics look cool. Hope you are having a great time. Enjoy!!!


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